Monday, December 25, 2006

little tests, why I can't be a motivational speaker, and why Natalie Portman owns my soul.

I need a shirt (white, plain)

I need a pen and paper (not anymore)

I need a drink (a glass of water would suffice)

Last week I was on a team building weekend get-away, and one of the activities we had was to choose 15, from a series of 50something, statements that best describe us. Each of the 50something statements fall under one of six different categories: Acheivement, Autonomy, Influence, Relationship, Security, and Balance. These six categories are actually categories of motivational factors. We chose our 15 statements beforehand. During the event itself, the six categories were revealed to us and we then had to tally how many of our chosen statements fell on each category.

Once the tallying was done, I found out that, according to this little test, my dominant motivational factor is Relationship, as 4 of my fifteen statements were on this category. I would have thought that the category that would win was Influence (who got three, as do Autonomy and Balance), so I was very surprised that Relationship did top the survey.

Why the surprise? Let's see. I have had only one serious non-platonic (after consulting my mental thesaurus because I did not want to use the word "romantic") relationship in the past. I also have none in the present, not even plans. If you asked for the name of my best friend, well, you won't get an answer. I never strike up a conversation with anyone I'm not already friends with(unless I'm drunk, and in that case, I shout at any one that's in front of me). I enjoy doing many different activities while I'm alone (going to the mall, eating, watching the tv). Simply put, on a scale of Yes to No, my rating of how sociable and eager to relate I am to people is No. Not that I'm anti-social (I'm not), or I'm uncomfortable/scared of being with people(I, again, am not)... But relationship as the main motivating factor to my performance at work (let alone life) just does not strike me as accurate.

In fact, I think it's the worst kind of motivational factor, because most of it's power rely on how other people respond to you. You can be the nicest, kindest, most generous person in the world and it still would not matter if you work with people who are plain assholes (not that I work with any), or the situation is just so extreme that you can't stop feeling negative about every little thing. And once you do succeed in making a relationship work, how would it help you then? When things are going shitty, your friends will make you laugh, but it will not increase your job satisfaction. It will not take away the bad policies of your company. It will not set you up for a more lucrative position in the future.

It just doesn't make sense to make relationships your motivation to succeed.


Maybe it's my lack of relationships that's motivating me to choose relationships as the dominant motivational factor in improving my performance at work (and in life). What a trick. I hate self-evaluation-conducive tests.


One of the things we did in the short gap between drinking and sleeping was to play spin the bottle. Once we got bored with asking one person a question that they may not want to be asked, we moved on with asking each other questions that we may usually find in a Grade Fiver's slum book. One of the questions asked was "I am happy because _____" (okay, so it's more fill in the blank than answer a question). I answered that I am happy because I am financially-stable. if you were to ask me that again, this time I would say that I am happy because I realize that I don't need to get paid to do my passion.


Speaking of passion, one issue I'm really passionate about is this policy our company has about not paying its employees any holiday premium for working on a holiday. I deserve a fucking good explanation at least, on why they are not following the labor laws of the Philippines. On why we are being cheated out of what is fairly ours. I don't think the company I work for is going bankrupt anytime soon. Its number 11 in the Fortune 500 list for fuck's sake. Why can't they pay their employees(us) a decent holiday premium for working our asses off on Christmas? On New Year? at 3 in the fucking morning!???!


I am writing this at 5 in the morning, Dec 23. I was supposed to sleep about 3 hours ago, but as I was about to lie down my bed, I turned the tv to HBO, which was then showing Closer. Which is why I am still awake up to now. Because really, can you actually go to sleep after watching that movie? Wow.


I'm writing this now, Dec 25 4:25 am. Have a great Christmas Day everyone.

also posted on my Multiply: Bloodsport and Riot

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pasko, ikaw na naman?

Last Tuesday, my company held its Christmas Party at the Le Pavillon. The theme was Le Carnivale, and there were clowns, people on stilts, and mimes everywhere. The party was really fun, it started at around 6 pm and ended at about 1am (i think). The food was blah to be honest... It was supposedly catered by the Hyatt Hotel, but the food wasn't really all that interesting. (Last year's food was better.) All performances featured my co-workers, and most of it was really fun to watch. Cheers performers!

One thing I hated though was I got almost exactly the same freebie gift that I got last year! (Last year, I got a rectangular baking dish, this year I got an oval baking dish.) The good thing though: Free Overflowing Beer! Any party with an open bar is a great party if you ask me.

Then on Friday, I went to another Christmas party, this time it was the our Bundle's Christmas party. As it's becoming a tradition of sorts for out team, we were all supposed to come in costume. Two year's ago the theme was the 80's, last year it was the Movies, and this year it was White. Each sub-team had to wear a common costume, as long as it was predominantly white. The party was held at our teammate's house in not-so-nearby Commonwealth. (We came 2 hours late, besides getting caught in traffic, we took some time dressing up, and also had to take a slight detour to pick up some props: our balloons.) Oh yeah, we came as kids in a kiddie party

Last thing on the agenda last week was our sub-team's Team Building. We left Manila Saturday evening and made our way to Tagaytay City, Cavite where we had dinner at Lesley's (the dinner was heartstoppingly delicious: Bulalo, Crispy Pata and Sisig. Yum!) After dinner, we proceeded to this awesome house in Nasugbu, Batangas (thanks Vic!) where we slept till late in the morning. The next day, we went to San Juan, Batangas to enjoy the beach! We booked ourselves to La Luz Resort. La Luz was a little disappointing. The rooms were really nice, but aside from the beach, there was not much to do once the sun came down. Good thing we brought some vodka with us. That definitely kept us entertained till the early morning. We played our team's favorite game, 1-7-11 (woohoo!), and another game that Primo introduced to us, Raise (Race?) It wasn't really a game as much as it was a way for us to finish of the bottle of vodka. WOOHOO! Once the vodka bottle was all cleaned out, we used it to play spin the bottle. All I can say is, we didn't have enough bottles to get us to talk out of our asses that night.

Cheers to all who organized the parties! Last week's parties was really fun.

One party I failed to go to was the one organized by my college friends. It ran smack into out team building, so I couldn't make it. Sorry guys.


On a more bitter point, I'll be working on both Dec 25 and Jan 1. Jeez... And what do we, holiday workers, get for it? Nothing. Not even 1% extra pay for working on those two holidays. Because the company I work for somehow has this twisted policy where they do not pay their employees anything for working on holiday. And they expect us to be motivated and deliver high-quality output.


Friday, December 1, 2006

start of rant

I'm sick and tired of getting hundreds of fucking tickets a night!





AKDlkmdlkamsdlssm;lkm;LMFLKSMFLSFSL FLS!!!!

/end of rant

GP version: Ngayong gabi, hindi ako masaya.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Apany tagged me

Apany tagged me to share 6 weird things about myself... which is kind of tough because at the top of my head, I can only count 4. Tch.

1. I am a little bit obsessive-compulsive (oxymoronic, I know, but bear with me) about a lot of things. Not one of those things? My job.

2. I choose not to eat many different kinds of food, even if I haven't tasted them ever in my life. Just because. (I also love peanut butter, but hate peanuts.)

3. I like watching cooking shows even if I don't cook. I just like looking at the finished products.

4. I love Lost, but I stopped watching it during the first season, when I missed one episode. (okay, so I guess that means I used to love Lost.)

5. I hate meetings/trainings/gatherings that start with "Please state your name, and tell everyone something interesting bout yourself." I think I have the right to stay uninsteresting and not be a liar, thank you very much.

6. I like the Scissor Sisters. They're so... happy. :D

Thursday, November 9, 2006

21 inches of sleep

I finally got around to buying a TV for my bedroom last Sunday! =D I think it should help me whenever I have those nights when sleep just can't catch up to me (I'm not sure if I have insomnia. There are no problems with the quality of my sleep, but I do have ocassional problems initiating sleep. I may be an intermittent transient insomniac, if that makes sense). Cable hasn't been connected yet though, so I'm just watching DVDs in the meantime.


Just because it can't be said enough (or there are too few chances of actually saying this without lying): Work has been kind lately.


Did I also mention that the latest season of The Amazing Race just kicks major ass?!? If not, then let me just state for the record that TAR 10 is awesome! One of the best seasons ever (along with Season 1, 3 and 5, imo). I really like the racers this season (there are now just 5 teams left, the Beauty Queens, the Model/Former Drug Addicts, the token Bickering Couple, the Asian Brothers, and the Single Mothers), the cluses and tasks are back to the level of difficulty where you really need to use your brains, skills and enough common sense, and the locations are just awesome amazing! (so far they've been to China, Mongolia!, Vietnam, India, Kuwait, Mauritius and Madagascar.) The Amazing Race Asia also just premiered an hour ago (it's an Asian version of the original TAR, franchised by AXN.) TAR overload! I love it! :D

I'm also back to religiously watching Survivor again. I sort of stopped watching the show somewhere between the 6th and 9th seasons, then started at it again the last couple of seasons (the one where Steph and Bobby Jon kept on losing and losing and Ian did this stupid move to hand Tom the win, and the one with Cirie, where Terry kept on winning everything but it was Aras who won in the end.) I don't like Survivor as much as TAR (since TAR is, uhm, my favorite TV show of all time), but it's enjoyable enough to get me glued to it again. (Plus there are two Pinoys in Survivor this season, which i have to admit, adds to the Watch Me! factor)

Oh, thank you TV.

ps: Other shows I recommend: House and The Office. =D

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Looking For Positives

Every year, my company holds a beer bash sometime towards the end of October to celebrate the close of another fiscal year. Last year it was an all-too-simple gathering at our office building's seventh floor terrace, so obviously, this year's Beer Bash at the Hard Rock Cafe is an improvement.

Last year our bundle was still composed of around 60 to 70 people. Now, coming into the new fiscal year, our team has grown twice in number, and will soon change it's name (again) to something that sounds less interesting (something to the tune of Oracle Database Solutions or whatever.)

We also have a new manager joining the bundle (the third immediate manager that I'm going to have; the first one resigned on my second month at work, afterwhich we went though a period of having no immediate manager. Two months later, the new one came on board only to move out to another company after about six months with us. Two more months of having no immediate manager officially ends tomorrow.) I wonder how it will be. The way I see it, this new manager could possibly be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.

I've also mentioned previously that we are moving to a 24x7 application support hour arrangement. This happens in the coming week. This also means I will get stuck on doing shifts more often, and vacation plans will be harder to plan out. One gripe that I have about this is that it will actually be harder (if at all possible) to plan a week-long vacation. I'm also going to have to start effectively planning out my tasks since manning support shifts isn't the only thing I'm supposed to do.

Changes indeed.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Relatively Pissed

As you may or may not know, Metro Manila got a taste of disastrous weather a little over two weeks ago. Typhoon Milenyo, the strongest typhoon to directly hit Manila in over a decade, downed power lines, uprooted trees and practically put the whole city on a standstill.

Our place was one of the more unlucky ones, we had to wait for 8 fucking days before electricity was finally restored. Eight straight days of barely-bright candle light (they were scented on the, um, brighter side), battery-powered radio (that sounds more like a tin can being dragged by a three-legged dog) for entertainment, and an annoyingly limited supply of water (so limited that I had to forego shaving on some days) (just shaving, mind you).
Then again, when I found out that there was still no electricity back in our province until now (that's two weeks and three fucking days), I guess I can call myself Relatively Luckier.


I have no idea what happened, but my home computer just crashed on me. Again. It does that every year, for some freaking reason. Although now that I'm trying to recollect, I think it has actually been around two years since it last crashed (and also, two years since its last upgrade.) Or maybe not, make that 1 and a half years, give or take a few months. I'm wondering if I should just upgrade it again, or I should just buy a new one. (Reformatting the disk doesn't seem to be an option since it won't even start up. Dogshit.)

I haven't done an extensive damage check yet, because I'm still hoping that tomorrow when I turn it on, it'll start working flawlessly again. Call me Relatively Optimistic.


One thing that has been getting to me lately is the use of the word "stuffs". It simply is annoying. Please, people. If you really have to use the word, use it like "and stuff like that...", not "and stuffs like that...". I'm not a grammar master, but I really don't think you need to use the plural form of a word when the said word is really just an expression used to refer to general objects or ideas that you cannot find a specific word for.

And really, who says "stuffs"???

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Buy me 2 treadmills for Christmas, or 8.

Oh Here It Goes Again

Hell yeah, OK Go on treadmills =D

Thursday, September 21, 2006


1. August 31 was my teammate Vlam's last day at the office. I have to admit that it was sad to see him go because he wasn't just a great co-worker, but is also a great person. Last September 2, he invited us for a weekend trip to Fontana. Fontana was awesome, unfortunately, despite a weekend out-of-town trip, I still had to work all night till early morning :(

Good luck on your new career as a businessman, Vlam! :D

2. Our bundle, BI/DW(Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing), had our off-site team building last weekend at Lagos Del Sol in Lake Caliraya, Laguna. Lagos Del Sol was really beautiful. But despite the fact that it was our team-building, I again had to work (at midnight!)

3. Just got myself a cd of John Mayer's Continuum and Snow Patrol's Eyes Open. I am right now reading The Sandman Volume 2: Doll's House (it's one of the books I bought during Powerbooks' month-long sale). I spotted a hardback of The Wake (Sandman Vol 9) at Bibliarch in Glorietta 3 that I'm tempted to buy too. It's really expensive though, but The Sandman has always been my favorite indulgence, so I might just get a copy :D

4. I'm in the middle of a four-day break from work right now. It's so tough to shift from being a midnight DM to a regular working hour routine every week. I officially hate it.

5. I became a 1-year-old professional last Tuesday.

6. Two teammates of mine recently came back from Warsaw, Poland. Their trip was related to our (sub)team's transition to 24x7 application support hours.

The next few months should be interesting.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

At least a title. No?

Just got a small quick sneak peak of The Killers' latest single from their new record here. I must say I'm pretty excited about this... Do I hear some shades of Pink Floyd in the intro?

Damn amazing coolness. Goes right on top of my list of must-buys =D

Another must buy? Thom Yorke's first solo cd, The Eraser. Brings the sound of Bristol back to my head. Woohoo!

Friday, September 1, 2006

Public Service

Let's start the -ber months with some public service shit.

Bantay Bata 163 is a child welfare program of ABS-CBN Foundation that not only rescues and rehabilitates sick and abused children, but also provides shelter, therapy and quality home care for rescued children until they can be reunited with their families or referred to proper child-caring agencies.

Kids will always give their best smiles. But really, they need YOU. Click and take action now.

Children's Hour also provides so many easy ways to help children in need here in the Philippines. Please take the time to visit the site and find out how. Just a couple of clicks. :)


As you may know, there has been a devastating oil spill off the coast of Guimaras Island, a small province in Western Visayas, after an oil tanker carrying a couple million tons of bunker fuel sank at sea. Like most other provinces in the Philippines, Guimaras relies alot on its environmental resources. There is a website that was recently put up to advertise Gumaras' need for assistance, called Project Sunrise. The site contains some info on the situation in Guimaras, and how you can help.

As of 20 August 2006, at least 4,000 coastal families have been directly affected by the spill. They are now experiencing food and water shortage because their livelihood have been crippled by the oil spill and groundwater have been rendered unsafe for drinking. Medicines, particularly for skin rashes and upper respiratory tract infections, are also needed by affected families. Provincial and municipal government funds are now running out.

Monday, August 21, 2006

oooh, and I missed it.

Two things that I regretfully missed last week:

Rockestra 2 (sniff) and the close view of Mt. Mayon's perfect cone spewing smoke and lava.

I couldn't find anyone to come with me and watch Rockestra, and I didn't really want to watch by myself (even though I knew some friends were also gonna watch, it still wasn't the same company, you know... being the third wheel kinda gets awkward in some cases. Hehe) So I just did what any centavo-pinching guy would do. I watched them through youtube :))

Which brings me to one point I've been wondering about in and out for a couple of months now... If the past tense of catch is caught, then why isn't the past tense of watch, waught? It's a catchy word, donchathink?

Hey, I waught Rockstar Supernova last week. Boy, for being a supposed "Rock Legend Super Group", their original song sure did suck! ... The last movie I waught was Pirates of the Carribean. How bout you, what was the last movie you waught? ...


My parents went to Bicol last Saturday to check out how Mayon Volcano is doing. See, may parents are volcanologist/geologist/construction magnates here in Manila and they're trying to see if they could use the solidified lava to build a new mall in the middle of the Manila Bay that would rival that other big mall near the bay (the Uniwide Mall in Coastal Road, if you really have to ask.) Of course they couldn't get close enough to the volcano because some jerk decided that there "has to be" a six km off-limits danger zone around the volcano. Must be working for the Sy's, those people...

But you know what else sucks? The batt of the cam that they brought ran out on them. So no lava samples, and no pics as well. Damn...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Het Augustus?

One thing I like about August?

August = month-long Powerbooks sale! Woohoo!

I'd post a wishlist here, but it's not even close to my birthday so I think I'll just let this one pass for now. (But hey, if you're up for giving me a gift for no apparent reason, then go right ahead!)

You know what else is coming up this August? Rockestra II! Last year, bands such as Imago, Cambio, Sandwich, Silent Sanctuary, Sugarfree, and Twisted Halo signed up to perform their songs with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. This year's event happens on August 18 at the Folk Arts Theater, featuring bands such as The Dawn (woohoo!), Hale (meh...), 6cyclemind(umm..), Itchyworms (woohoo), Urbandub (woooohoooo!) and Up Dharma Down! (wooooohoooooo!!!) 4 out of 6 bands is not so bad... and MSO should rawk the house fo sure!

Now all I have to do is look for people to come with me.

Ooooh, and to be on the safe side, if you are going to buy me something at powerbooks, something (anything) by Kurt Vonnegut or Irvine Welsh would be good =P

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Short Story and the Long Thought

One thing that sunk on to me recently: my job satisfaction is directly proportional to how well I do tasks. It's not really about the job description, the oppportunities that I get, or (at least for the moment) how much I get paid. It's about how well I do whatever it is that I do. In a sense, the less cleaning up I have to do, the happier I am. While that might be good from a certain standpoint because I can always claim that my hapiness (on the professional level) is solely dependent on my own efforts, a change of view should do a lot of good in assessing my career trajectory. Certainly, it is important to care about how well I do my work and to measure my fulfillment through the fruits of my efforts. However, the other side of the coin says that it's also important to just go back to the basics and think about what the hell I am doing and evaluate THAT.

I'm nearing the Year 1 milestone of my first job, and now I'm realizing that "so far so good" is just not a good enough answer to "How's your job?" anymore. I think now's the time to think hard about where I want to be and how do I take myself there. I haven't done something big and significant in a long while. Now's the time to clean up.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs

I put down what used to be my last bottle of beer
And picked up another one, said that I’m holding it
because it feels colder than how I prefer it to be.
I’m holding it tight to keep it nice and warm, so that no one else would want to drink it.
I like my hard drinks warm.
Because only those are the kind that kick me in the stomach.

I like how it tastes unbearably bitter
I like how it becomes a challenge all of a sudden
To finish one whole bottle in one long sip.
I like the way that it presents itself as a problem
I like my problems when they're warm.

or I don't. I suddenly can't distinguish the difference.


I realize that laughter is a good way to relieve anxiety. The best way to get rid of anxious thoughts on the other hand would be the obvious: do it, the quicker the better. The only way out is through baby. Lesson learned (which is of course only half the battle.)

I hope I remember it well.


I finally got a copy of Death Cab for Cutie's latest cd. I've been meaning to buy it ever since it came out here in the Philippines, but my "tightly screw your pockets" side of the brain (yes, unlike some people, I have more sides in my brain than the left and the right) said wait until the next payday, and the next payday, and the next payday, until months have passed and I've forgotten that I actually had to buy this album. Until I heard this song on the radio.

If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark
Then I'll follow you into the dark

Death Cab. Vintage. Glad I have it now. I still have a lot more cds that I need to buy in the pipeline though. I wonder how long till my mental zip lock relents this time.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am picky.

There are a lot of things that you will never get me to eat. Even if your life depended on it.


Last weekend my high school friend Kate had her wedding, and the real awesome thing was that the wedding was held at our old high school. We came from a Catholic parochial school, so our Academy was managed by the local parish church. The church I'm talking about is an old Spanish-era church that houses the Bamboo Organ (the only one in existence anywhere in this world.) In fact, every year our school hosts the Bamboo Organ Festival, where classical musicians from other countries visit our school and play with the Organ with all their heart. The best thing about it, of course, is that we don't have classes on the first day of the Festival. But I digress.

Anywayz, congrats Kate and Eric! Have a good life ahead of you, and sorry for (gulp) being late :)


I want to study a foreign language, but I'm not sure if I'll ever have free time for it. Is there a Czech/Slovakian Embassy here in Manila? Learning my Slavics should come in handy when I eventually meet Daniela and Nicole

Monday, July 10, 2006

Three cheers for those who did not waver!




Saturday, July 1, 2006

To Commemorate The Hotness

My Boracay trip was in a word, AMAZING.

In 393 words? It's this:

This trip was a shorter visit compared to my first one last year (this time we arrived and departed via the Kalibo airport so that automatically used up around 4 hours of could've-been-on-the-beach-instead time). But you know, despite that, this trip was definitely not any less fun.

Main highlights of The Amazing Bora Trip were going parasailing and riding the Flying Fish! Parasailing was expensive very relaxing and man, what else can beat the great great great view from a parachute?

If parasailing was relaxing, the flying fish was anything but... You really have to hold on for your life out there (or at least that's how you have to think of it so that you won't get thrown out into the water.) It's hella fun and way more expensive exciting than Banana Boats, and I'm sure as hell gonna do it again the next chance I get.

The beach of course is as perfect as before. I still am amazed at how Bora's white sands are so fine, it's like your walking on confectionery sugar. Good thing I never got wasted enough to actually put them in my mouth. And no green algae too this time! (The one ugly thing I hated about my last Bora trip, the shorelines was covered with them green stuff. They apparently come and go in seasons too, along with the droves of beach goers in the tropical summer.) So this time, I was actually able to just lie down on the shore where the waves die out. THAT, was just nice.

And the sunset... Need i say more? And we almost missed it too. The first two days we were there, the sun was blocked by clouds so we couldn't take pics of it setting. On our last day, the clouds gave way enough for us to get about five minutes of photo op with the sunset. And wow, that is just a thing of beauty, isn't it?

What's great about coming to Boracay in June is that it's off-peak season, so you practically have the whole beach to yourselves. The nights are less lively though (except for Bombom, there was not alot of activities), but as long as you go there with great company, then the trip should still rock.

As I said, Bora was amazing, and I shall commemorate the hotness again next year.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Maybe I should be less considerate about people's right of way from now on.

Boracay on Wednesday! Damn excited! :D


I got my new car about one and a half weeks ago, and I've been driving it for about a week now. All I have to say is, damn, I need more practice on fucking parking that thing. And damn, nagasgas ko na agad siya. I hate this fucking building right beside my house (I can see the building right now from our window. You, yes you, you damn fucking building you, I'm talking to you. Dahil sayo nagasgas ang side mirror ko. Bilang na ang araw mo. Ipagdasal mo na fire resistant ka.) Our driveway is so narrow since they built the freaking building so close to our street, I have no choice but to squeeze the car in as close to its wall as possible so that people will still be able to pass through on the other side. And because I am so considerate of other people's right of way, I got a little too close to the beige wall and now my car has a nasty scrape on its left side mirror. Shit. Maybe I should start being less considerate about people's right of way from now on.


Aaaah!!! I hate this! Shit! I can't get over it! Damn you fucking building! It's all your damn fault! AAARGGH...


I need something to make me feel better. I feel like Roger Federer on a French Open final. I guess the Bora trip came right on time.


Last week, I gave a short presentation to my managers and some team leads in the office. It was a progress report (about my growth/stagnation/regression (whichever applies) as an office drone.) The reason I did it was because I was literally bullied into doing it by my fellow committee members. You see, I'm part of the committee that organized the whole event as part of an initiaitve in the office. Basically, we force our new teammates, upon their sixth month of being hired, to present to the managers and team leads about their growth/stagnation/regression (whichever applies) in the workplace. I wasn't supposed to present because I've been in the team for more than 6 months already, but my comm-mates were all (and I paraphrase): "You should do it, para naman merong isa sa atin na maka-experience magpresent, para makakuha tayo ng direct feedback on what to improve on in the process blah blah blah..." So me being the considerate person that I am (ahem), agreed.

Why am I writing about this? No reason really...


Now that I've made a big deal about and was able to rant about something that's not really rant-able, I feel slightly better about the scraped side mirror thing. Cool. Thank goodness for defense mechanisms.

See you in a week

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Charm Attack

The magic words of the moment are

Black Jazz

Friday, May 26, 2006

Galera Days / I Still Love Typhoons

Last weekend:

I went to Galera again (yep, second time this month) for some teambuilding activities with my (duh) teammates from work. I must say that this trip is much better than the first one, if you consider the simple creature comforts (such as having a place to sleep in) a major factor in rating your vacations.

We got there on a smooth Friday morning, and I was really pleasantly surprised that there were only a handful of people on the beach (as opposed to the number of people as seen in the entry below)... Oh yeah, this is what beaches should be... No annoying, noisy people getting pissed drunk, losing half their locomotor skills (Read: Me, three weeks ago.) No overcrowding of seashores and restaurants... Just a small army of you and your crew, the blue sea, the nice not-so-white sands of White Beach, and the small parts of the sun that was able to peek through the gray clouds.

The atmosphere was also very calm, owing probably to the effects of the huge typhoon that wrecked through the island. (Side note: there was no electricity in Puerto Galera at that time as power lines were knocked down. The island is still under a State of Calamity until now, so people, donate where you can, when you can.) It made the seas look calmer and bluer than what I remember it. You could even see some coconut tree leaves floating freely from the shore. All that made Puerto Galera look like this new-found beach in a nice piece of island far away from the urban towns of smoke and booze. Just nice.

(Yeah, I'm unnecessarily dramatic sometimes. Fuck off it.)

One of the first things that we did when we got there was to ride the banana boat. While we were signing up at the registration counter, rain start to pour. We were waiting for the banana boat to get back to the shore (it just started pulling its latest victims away when we got there), so we just lied down on the beach for a while watching out for thunders that followed the lightning. When it was finally our turn, it was still raining and man, that banana boat ride in the rain sure was fun. It was awesome too that the motorboat went well far away from the shore. Being in the middle of the sea made trying not to fall from the banana thing all the more exciting (on the other hand, I think we just established the record for fastest banana boat tip-over (less than 10 seconds from when the motorboat started going vzrooom.)

My point being -> Janis Joplin and Nick Drake rock. And so do typhoons.

p.s. We went back to Manila on Sunday morning, where we were welcomed back on the Batangas City Port by our officemate Geebee who prepared lunch for our party (Joseph, Karon and Me)

Later that day, Me and my family went to Intramuros' Patio Victoria to attend my cousin Iris' debut party. Happy 18th Iris!

Today, I withdrew the first batch of the 80% of money that I have on my payroll account. And I couldn't be more excited. =D

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Galera Daze / I Love Typhoons

Two weeks ago I went to Puerto Galera with 7 of my officemates. (Ben, BJ, Daisie, Jan, Jyue, Mia, and Mike)

Mia has a very nice set of pictures from our trip
over here. Mike meanwhile, has the rants of the trip going on right here.

Of course, if you want my short version of the story, then here it is. We arrived in Galera some minutes after 1 in the afternoon, 5 hours off our intended arrival time. Once we got there, our first task was to find a place to stay in, since we didn't reserve any room (despite the long May 1 weekend and kids on summer break from school, hey, we were feeling adventurous!)

Short story of it was that we failed in task#1 (we even tried renting a tent from this Italian guy but he said (in straight Tagalog) that he was out of tents as well), and as we were hungry and dead tired, we just decided to cut our losses and go to another beach where we thought there would be less people. That desperation move took us two
barangays away from our original destination (White Beach) to the more obscure, less populous Talipanan Beach (It's the beach beside Aninuan Beach, which is the beach on the left of White Beach if you're facing the sea.) What I like about Talipanan is that it offers you basically the same beautiful beach (arguably better), but without all the noise and business of White Beach. (Another nice beach in Puerto Galera is the one in Big La Laguna. From what I remember, beach there is finer and whiter than in White Beach)

One word about Talipanan and Aninuan: Awesome!

The next day, we went back to White Beach to experience the Galera summer. And oh man, did we ever experience it! Galera with 4 pitchers of Mindoro Sling whacks you in the head pretty damn hard, I tell you.

The only thing I didn't like about this trip was that Galera was way too damn crowded. Literally filled to the brim.

The next day, we were on our way back to Manila when Joseph called us up and invited us to meet up with him in Makati for lunch and some other things. We obliged of course and met up with him at the Ayala malls, despite still being in our beach clothes. It was his 28th birthday, after all. Haha.

Over all, it was a fun, not perfect but great nonetheless, weekend.

Now I'm back in Manila, working on weekends in front of my laptop. Life is a balancing act, agree?

One thing that perks me up however is that it's finally the start of the rainy season. I love it when it rains. Temperature is moderately cool, and come on admit it, walking on the streets with the slight pouring of rain on your head, sun hiding behind gray clouds, is always fun. At least that's how I feel.

The rainy season made a big entrance this year with a pretty mad typhoon (Named Caloy by the local weather bureau.) I love typhoons and the huge amount of rain and nasty wind they bring. The only thing I hate about them is sometimes, they come with a death toll.

Which brings me to another point. If you are still reading this blog up to here, please donate to charity. (Wala lang, just thought I'd say it.)


Oh, and it's Mother's Day today right? Happy Mother's day to my mom (who doesn't read this), and to all the mom's out there (who do read this.) You rawk.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

1 to 6

1. It's hard to stand by your principles if the ones you have are conflicting. Or shallow. Or both.

2. I got myself a pair of glasses a couple of weeks ago. I wear it for full geek effect.

3. Going to the beach next weekend! Woohoo! (Even if I had to be a little a sneaky to my team lead to get his permission.. hahaha)

4. I need to renew my driver's license soon coz It's gonna expire soon... I hope I don't fail the drug test... =)

5. The parents went to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan last Holy Week holiday, and I got to see some of the pictures they took of the place, and I must say that that Hundred Islands thing, they look pretty good...

6. More wedding news: My cousin Kuya Renen is getting married next year! Him and the whole family in Chicago will be coming home for the wedding next year here in Manila. My other cousin Kuya Russ is also getting married very soon. Congrats! (and good luck, hehehe =D )

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Take Me Out

I have to take a vacation soon. I can't believe I don't have any out-of-town beach trip planned in the next few months. I hate this. Somebody take me out.


Last night, I had dinner with my college friends at NSG. We try to keep up with each other by having dinner once every two weeks. Earlier in the week I met up with some of my high school friends at the Starbucks place in Las Pinas, I try to meet up with them once every two months because I'm a lazy bastard (Heh.)The big news is that our friend Kate will be getting hitched soon (in the next few months of 2006)

Congrats Kate and Boyfriend/Future Husband! :)

(I was trying to lobby for the ring-bearer role but I think they already got some freakin kid for the part. Daymn.)

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

The Mysteries of the Universe, Pt. 1: I Got Tagged

PJ (man on the side) tagged me to answer this blog survey thing

And because it is such a convenient reason to post something on my blog, I post my answers below:

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. Car Wash Boy
2. Some sort of programmer intern
3. Operations Duty Manager
4. WWMD (Worldwide Weapon of Mass Destruction) Application Contact

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Kill Bill Vol. 1 (kicks ass)
2. Kung Fu Hustle (hee-larious)
3. Before Sunrise (ASTIG)
4. Empire Records (because.)

Four places you have lived in:
1. Gumaca, Quezon Province (where I was born)
2. Las Pinas City (the suburban traffic-jam-magnet hell where I live in now)
3. nowhere
4. else

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. The Amazing Race (Season 1 is still the best season)
2. Friends
3. House, MD
4. Uncanny X-MEN. Heh.
I'm missing a really good show here that I love to watch.

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Boracay (great place)
2. Sagada (great place)
3. Palawan (great place)
4. Hong Kong (this ws pre-Disneyland HongKong. It was good-ok)

Four websites I visit daily:

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Beef Caldereta
2. Spaghetti in tomato sauce (or any pasta with tomato sauce actually)
3. Pork Adobo (with all the fat!!!)
4. White Cheese / Four Cheese Pizza

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. on top of the powdery white sands of Boracay
2. in a nice, cool place (that doesn't need the benefit of an air conditioner)
3. any beach that's nicer than Bora, and with less people
4. in a concert somewhere that's not in the Philippines

Four friends who I have tagged that I think will respond (because I will harrass them until they post something like this in their blogs too)
1. Mike Maie
2. Apany
3. Seph
4. Melanie

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Just because it's so good

Another serving of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan:

And another over here too


Just caught the Aussie Grand Prix on Star Sports a while ago.. Between Michael Schumacher crashing to the wall and Jenson Button's engine blowing off (with flames and all) at the very last turn of the very last lap of the race and stopping literally about five meters from the finish line, that was a really entertaining race. Heh. (Podium? 1. Fernando Alonso, Renault; 2. Kimi Raikonnen, McLaren-Mercedes; 3. Ralph Schumacher, Toyota)


It's April! It's Summer! Ang iniiiiit!

edited to add:

Just caught Ice Age 2 earlier this evening. It was a funny movie, especially when the acorn dude is on the screen. Plus that mini-sloth tribe was hilarious as hell too! :-)))

There also seemed to be alot of computer-animated movies coming up... Most of them looked like they were too kiddy though...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Natalie Portman, You Own Me Now.

It's already the middle of March and I still haven't posted anything here...

So here I go.

My brother left for the US (to Atlanta) about two and a half weeks ago for a project he's been assigned to at work. He'll be staying there for atleast three months. Ano kaya ang magandang hingiing pasalubong?


My favorite show of all time - The Amazing Race - is back with a new season... Woohoo! And it's back to the good, regular format of teams-of-two-racingaroundtheworld! (Good thing they ditched that completely sucky "Family Edition" racearoundtheUSandnearbycountries shit)

By the way, AXN just bought the rights to produce an Asian version of the Amazing Race. I'd join this, but I don't think I can take a month off from work... tsk tsk...


Finally got to buy the Up Dharma Down cd... Haven't listened to it yet though... I'll try to post my thoughts later...




I scored two tickets for last night's advance screening of V for Vendetta. The movie was AMAZING. It's a really really really good movie (a timely one too) that I highly recommend to anyone. So watch it!

I shall die here. Every last inch of me shall perish. Except one.

An inch. It's small and it's fragile and it's the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us.

It's a really smart movie (I don't want to use "intellectual", because honestly, intellectual is such a blrergh word, you know?) that combines substance and style in an awesome way. It's a Vertigo movie is what it is. I could go on and on about how much I loved this movie, so I better stop now.


F1 season is back again! Great start of the season with the Bahrain Grand Prix too, with Fernando Alonso overtaking Michael Schumacher on his way out of the pitstop, at the most perfect time in the race! Kimi Raikonnen took third place after starting the race at the bottom of the pack after sufferring suspension failure during qualifying (again). Still, good race...


Last March 3-4, we at the office had our first teambuilding activity of the year (hope there's many more to come.) We had it at this resort at Balai, Indang, Cavite just a few kilometers off of Tagaytay. The place we rented was really nice, had very nice houses and rooms, good food, weather was great, it was a great weekend over-all... Except for one hilariously embarrassing thing that I did...

We were assigned our rooms and I was supposed to room with my manager, my team leader, and a teammate of mine. So we're four in the room right? Well, the short story is that I was the only one who actually got to sleep in the room because I fell asleep before everyone else and locked the door. Accidentally (y'all have to believe me on this). My three roommates (yep, including the manager) ended up sleeping in the sofas outside... So yeah... a little awkward seeing them the next few days...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Recommended Viewing/Listening:

I was scanning through when I came across this video:

Damien Rice's Volcano

I say you view it. Because it's amazing.


Yesterday, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared that the nation is under a State of Emergency, supposedly because there was a supposed coup attempt. Good on her for realizing that people don't want her in power. Excuse me while a vomit.


I noticed that I forgot to keep my blog updated with some Aussie Open news. Well, the Aussie Open ended about a month ago (heh) so I'll just make this quick. Amelie Mauresmo won her first ever Grand Slam at the age of 26, Roger Federer won his 7th Grand Slam at the age of 24, the Bryan twins won the men's doubles, Zi Yan and Jie Zheng became the first Chinese players to ever win a Grand Slam after winning the women's doubles, and Martina Hingis capped of her successful comeback from competitive tennis by winning the mixed doubles with Mahesh Bhupathi.


Work related: Starting March 6, our team will be having 12:00 am - 8:30 am working hours. (I don't want to elaborate because I don't want to say something that I might not like saying after).

In another work-related news, checking my schedule for the next two months, looks like I'll be working on Holy Week (including Maundy Thursday and Good Friday). And that's bad because people don't usually work on those two days (at least here in the Philippines), they go on vacation. In Boracay. Or in Palawan. Or in Sagada. Because it's a holiday. Yet I won't get any additional pay for logging in 9 hours of work. On a holiday. Damn it.


A couple of weeks ago, me and my officemates Mike, Jan, and Ben went to Eurostar (it's a carnival/amusement park). They only have around 7 rides there, but each one will definitely hit you hard. Parang Red Horse. My favorite was the Joker. Imagine riding a giant vertical centrifuge. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Saturday, February 4, 2006

The best gifts are the gifts you get

The best gifts are the gits you get even when you're not celebrating anything.

Thursday Last Week:

I met up with some high school friends two Thursday's ago for a long overdue and much-delayed dinner out. We ate at A Venetto in Glorietta 3 and ordered more food than we could eat, which is usually the case whenever I eat at A Venetto (I always underestimate their huge serving/I always overestimate my appetite for pasta.) (I highly recommend their Oil and Garlic with Ham and Bacon in White Sauce, btw.) I haven't been seeing much of my high school friends as much as I want, so seeing them again after some time was really nice. High school friends are the best people to share a good laugh really (between the Walking Human Mirror Ball and the Salted Duck Egg-and-Potato jokes, what could be better?)

After dinner, we rode a cab home to Las Pinas (where we all live) and winded our night down at the kapihang bayan ng Las Pinas (take a guess), where we were able to extort money for a cup of coffee from SMART-employed Mel. We were more than happy to accept Mel's offer(?) to treat us since we know how generous Smart is with their Christmas bonuses (hint hint).

Friday Last Week:

The next night, I met up with my PEx tennis friends (Ron and his friend Trish, PJ and Anuck) in NSG to have dinner and to watch the Roger Federer-Nicolas Kiefer Aussie open semis match (we ate dinner, but we basically ignored the match coz we were too busy eating/talking. The Fed was gonna win in four sets anyways). The highlight of my night though was when PJ gave me his brand new copy of Jeff Buckley's first and only studio album Grace.

The back story: PJ is a big Jason Mraz fan, and so is Ron I guess, and they were talking about the Mraz concert that they both watched some days before (Mraz did two shows in Manila and PJ actually watched both, presumably so that he could write a compreshensive thesis of how Mraz's singing and performances in Manila changes from one night to another. Hehe.) Anywayz, they asked me if I liked Mraz too, and I said I think he's okay but I don't like him enough to watch his shows. And then I said If it was Damien Rice then I would definitely go watch, and if it was Jeff Buckley, then I would kill anyone who stops me from watching. So PJ asks me if I had a copy of Jeff Buckely's Grace, and I said no because it's so hard to find Jeff Buckley cd's anywhere here in Manila. Then suddenly he takes out the Grace CD he has in his bag that he got for a very looow price when he was in Singapore and said that I could have it since he already had the Grace Legacy Edition. Ofcourse there was a few seconds of me pretending like I was too shy to accept such a generous gift, but that only lasted a few seconds because there was no way in hell I was letting PJ change his mind.

I then proceeded to declare PJ "My favorite person in the world for the next five days."

This weekend:

I planned to talk about my weekend but the weekend is not yet over and this post already has too many words in it, so I'll just blog it next time... (I think I'll call my next entry Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!)

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

An Idle Blog is the Fly's Playground

This blog has been idle for some time now...

I'll try updating this Game soon...

I'll be getting my yearbook tomorrow (at least I'll try if I don't get too busy again)

In the meantime,

Happy Birthday Candice and Patricia!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The World News, some very Local Music, and Aussie Tennis

I was at home working last Saturday morning when I picked up the newspaper and found a little disturbing something written on the paper's front page. It read:

World / A8 Court grants Angelina Jolie's request for her kids to use Brad Pitt's name

What the fuck?!? This??? This belongs to the World News section? Since when did the effects of Jolie and Pitt's bed-banging leave the Entertainment pages and become World News material? Is there nothing more relevant happening in our world for this to become the banner article of the World News section? Is there no more political crisis in the Middle East? Is there no more poverty in Africa? Is there no more terrorist threat in the world? Did the oil prices suddenly reach a standard flat-line rate? Do they mean to say that the surname (the very elegant-sounding Jolie-Pitt by the way) of the wonder couples' adopted kiddies is suddenly more pressing than the current world issues? What the fuck??


Later that day, I stopped by Tower Records in Town Center where I spotted this album called Cafe Bossa. What got me excited was the fact that the album was by Sitti
, who was a classmate of mine back in grade school. So I listened to her album and was really bowled over. She's got a really beautiful voice and her singing is just perfectly easy on the ears. No ear-splitting, high pitched screams or anything like that, just a real nice and calming jazz sound. I remember when our teachers would ask her to sing in class and she would sing the Mariah Carey songs young girls are expected to sing when their teachers ask them to sing in front of the class, and I just gotta say: I'm glad she matured nicely from those days. =)

Check out her official website.


The finals of the Aussie Open '06 is just around the corner, with the men and women ready for their semifinal battle. The women features a less surprising but nonetheless intriguing line-up headed by #2 Kim Clijsters of Belgium, #3 Amelie Mauresmo of France, #4 Maria Sharapova of (duh) Russia, and #8 Justine Henin-Hardenne of Belgium who beat #1 Lindsay Davenport(USA) in the quarterfinal. Defending champion Serena Williams got her ass booted off by my girlfriend 17th seed Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia in the third round with the score of 6-1, 7-6(7-5)... That was a great, confidence-boosting win for Daniela who then lost to Maria in the fourth round 6-4, 6-4. After an impressive run, Swiss Miss Martina Hingis' comeback from a three-year injury "break" was brought to a halt by Kim in a tight quarterfinal match (Kim won 6-3, 2-6, 6-4.)

The Semifinals willl be Justine vs Maria and Kim vs Amelie. Davenport's defeat in the hands of Justine assures Kim Clijsters of getting the number 1 ranking next week no matter happens in her next matches.

The men's side features a more varied line-up composed of #1 Roger Federer of Swtizerland, #4 David Nalbandian of Argentina, #21 Nicolas Kiefer of Germany, and the surprise of the tournament, former junior world champion Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus. The 20 year-old Baghdatis defeated #2 seed Andy Roddick(USA) in the fourth round in an amazing display of powerful and precise hitting, and great backcourt defense. In the quarterfinals, Baghdatis did more damage by defeating #7 seed Ivan Ljubicic of Craoatia in five sets. He meets Nalbandian in the semis. It should be an interesting match as both players have a similar game of aggresive baseline plays and relentless defense. Plus the fact that David is one of only
4 players who were able to beat Federer last year (in five sets in the finals of the ATP Championships, the last pro match of the season). Federer meanwhile will try to tame both the wily German Kiefer and his strangely erratic game. Federer started the Aussie Open in devastating form by not losing a set in his first three matches. However, he was tested by the extremely talented German Tommy Haas in the fourth round in a great match that saw Federer get pushed around and lose the third and fourth sets before recovering in a five-set win. He then continued to struggle in the quarters against Russian 5th seed Nikolay Davydenko, losing the second set before winning both the 3rd and 4th sets in a tie-breaker. It will be interesting to see how The Fed Express will play versus Kiefer's fiesty arrogance.

Men's semis: Federer vs Kiefer, Nalbandian vs Baghdatis

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday, the 13th

This blog is a year old today.

I feel like I should say something more, but I'm running on empty right now.


Work has been good so far, if a little uncertain. Although I think that's just natural when it comes to new things. The first few steps are always taken with some tentativeness, until you get the hang of it and you start taking bigger steps, in different directions.


Self-awareness is a good trait to have. Something that really annoys me a lot is when I see people who think too highly of themselves. Masyadong malaki ang bilib sa sarili to put it simply. The way I see it, great accomplishments (if they were great at all) are negated by high-and-mighty "I deserve your praise" attitude. Heroes are not supposed to be self-serving, after all.


I'm excited to go back to Boracay this summer. I'm also hearing my brother making plans of going to Cagayan de Oro a few weeks from now (and with a very wallet-friendly budget too!)


Aussie Open 2006, tennis season's first Grand Slam starts on Monday! After being forced to retire with injuries three years ago, Martina Hingis(SUI) will be playing in her first Grand Slam tournament as a wildcard entry (she has no ranking because of her three year absence). Defending men's singles champ Marat Safin (RUS) is not playing this year because of a knee injury while defending women's champ Serena Williams is running on very poor form because of injuries and a general drop in her fitness. Top seeds are Roger Federer (SUI) who will try to do better after losing to Safin in last year's classic semifinal match and 29-year old Lindsay Davenport(USA) who lost to Serena in last year's final. I hope Daniela does well here too. =)


Two bands that I'm really liking right now are Up Dharma Down (Alternative meets Trip-Hop meets Drum and Bass meets Soul meets great music) and Paramita (nice melodic songs and the vox has a real nice voice, sort of like Aia of Imago but a little huskier)


For someone who's running on low fumes, I sure can type a lot...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I've been having some fucked up dreams lately...

I hate that.