Sunday, July 29, 2007

Save the Pigs!

Caught The Simpsons last Friday night. Floooved the movie! It had me laughing out loud in some parts, and grinning from ear to ear on most of the others. (Some jokes fell flat though, like the "To be continued..." and the scrolling ticker at the bottom advertising a Fox show. Meh)

But otherwise, it was one hell of a funny movie.

He's not Spider Pig anymore, he's Harry Plopper. Wahaha

Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Extraordinary Machine

Things I learned the past few months (or a few minutes ago):

Worrying is counter-productive. Just because you declared on your resume that you're a person who
"works well under pressure" doesn't mean that getting stressed out will automatically turn you into a well-oiled machine. There's still that part of the equation where you have to put actual effort in transforming the stress to something else more positive. Stress is no use if it remains a negative lump of knot in your stomach.

Most everything that rises to the top is the cream of the crop. There are exceptio
ns though. There are times when you find out it's just scum.

Facing the truth is a lot harder if you've managed to build your path by lying through your teeth. Or by making excuses. Lies and truths are pulled out from the same hat.

Anxiety is brought about by stupidity, in a word.


Just got back from watching Die Hard 4. That was a freaking awesome movie. Great jaw-dropping action and a pack of characters who just wouldn't die (I think Maggie Q is actually still alive at the bottom of that elevator.) Ironically, the villain died after one gunshot. The movie felt like a whole season of 24, minus the intense drama, packed into 2 solid hours of ass-kicking action. Bruce Willis' John McLaine is Jack Bauer with a good heap of humor (or is it Kiefer's Bauer is McLaine minus the wisecracks?)

Too bad it got lost in the Transformers/Harry Potter/SpidermanShrekPirates 3s muddle. Other movies I saw the past month: Transformers (asteeeeeg) and the 5th Harry Potter (Some people were disappointed by it. I actually liked it a lot. I didn't finish reading the book though, so I guess that could be one of the reasons I liked it.)

Finally... The Simpsons is opening this Wednesday! Woohoo! Can't wait! :D

Friday, July 20, 2007


Because you'll get yours too.

And the world will smile until its over. =)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Why does it always rain on me? (aka Boracay, 2007)

Pics from my Boracay trip last June 21 - 24. Woohoo!

First two days were really rainy, but still had loads of fun. Stayed at the creatively named Boracay Beach Resort. Almost had a slight mishap on the plane to Kalibo (almost didn't get in the flight :p), did some two-person wrestling in the waters while raining was pouring hard, rode the Banana Boat and the Flying Fish (fucking awesome as always, fell once and was holding on tight to the handles belly down, but the waves were hitting my balls so bad I decided to turn belly up, but then that's when I felt my shorts getting pulled off of me, so I just let go instead of being left in the middle of the sea bare-assed). Also went jet skiing for the first time. That was a complete 30-minute adrenaline rush! Tried the Still Standing after 15 in Cocomangas (I was still standing, sure, but I was also still puking after 15, unfortunately...) We were supposed to go island hopping the next day, but no one woke up early enough, so we just laid low the whole day. And by laying low, I mean try skim boarding. Jacq and Dalin tried it first; I tried it for about five minutes until our 1 hour session expired. Mike hired his own instructor and rented his own board, and got a sprained ankle after all of it was done. Boracay was fun, but next time, I'm going back during the summer =D

See pics -> here <-

Saturday, July 7, 2007

How Wimbledon sucked this year

So how exactly has Wimbledon sucked this year?

Basically the same way it has sucked every year really: by having so much rain delays you'll almost feel like you were watching Transformers, except it was the version without all the special effects and Megan Fox.

Still, Wimbledon has produced some interesting matches and eye-popping results, with three more important matches to go. The Ladies finals between 3-time former champ Venus Williams and 18th seeded Marion Bartoli of France seems like it will be a washout, with an easy win for Venus pretty much in the bag. The 22-year old Bartoli has never reached a quarterfinal of a Grand Slam before this year's Wimbledon, and her she has never been ranked higher than 17. But she has been playing great tennis on the grass the past month, having reached the semis of grass-court tournaments in Birmingham and Eastbourne. She also had to beat world #3 Jelena Jankovic in the fourth round and #1 Justine Henin in the semifinals after losing the first set both times. I didn't even think Marion had a chance of taking a set from Justine, but here she is in the finals (and goes to show what I know about predicting score lines), and if she brings her Monica Seles-like game to Venus, the finals might not be much of a washout after all.

Venus on the other hand, played champion-level tennis in shaming Maria Sharapova in straight sets, then repeated the performance against #5 Svetlana Kuznetsova, and again versus #6 Ana Ivanovic of Serbia in the semis. Back in 2005, she surprised everyone by coming out of nowhere, beating then #2 Sharapova and #1 Davenport to win it all. This year, she is ranked even lower (#31) but threatens to nail her 4th Wimbledon crown later today.

The men's semifinal matches have yet to start, owing to the poor weather. But the line-up is complete, with 4-time champ Roger Federer leading the way followed by three of the best new balls in tennis today. World #2 and King of Clay Rafael Nadal had to struggle in his matches against Russian Mikhail Youzhny and big-serving Swede Robin Soderling, but his easy win against Tomas Berdych (who routinely beats him on hard courts) has soldified his chances of reaching the finals for the second straight year. Add to that the fact that his next opponent, #5 Novak Djokovic of Serbia, had to struggle to beat Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus in a match that lasted 5 freaking hours. This will be Novak's second grand slam semifinal appearance after his semis run in last month's French Open. Completing the men's semifinal lineup is underachieving Frenchman Richard Gasquet. 21 year-old Gasquet was touted as a prodigy ever since he was 9 years old, and he has showed great potential in the past years, even beating Roger Federer in 2005 (one of only 4 players to d so that year). But the pressure of turning his potential to winning matches probably got to him, as he has never made it past the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam, and has never entered the top 10 rankings in his career. But all that changed this week. With his 5-set win over Andy Roddick in the quarterfinals coming back from 2-0 sets down (4-6, 4-6, 7-6, 7-6, 8-6), Gasquet reaches his first Grand Slam semifinal and will break into the top 10 rankings come next week. About time for Gasquet, who owns Federer-like talents!

Lots of Wimbledon action later. Hopefully London doesn't get pwned by the rain again.