Saturday, July 1, 2006

To Commemorate The Hotness

My Boracay trip was in a word, AMAZING.

In 393 words? It's this:

This trip was a shorter visit compared to my first one last year (this time we arrived and departed via the Kalibo airport so that automatically used up around 4 hours of could've-been-on-the-beach-instead time). But you know, despite that, this trip was definitely not any less fun.

Main highlights of The Amazing Bora Trip were going parasailing and riding the Flying Fish! Parasailing was expensive very relaxing and man, what else can beat the great great great view from a parachute?

If parasailing was relaxing, the flying fish was anything but... You really have to hold on for your life out there (or at least that's how you have to think of it so that you won't get thrown out into the water.) It's hella fun and way more expensive exciting than Banana Boats, and I'm sure as hell gonna do it again the next chance I get.

The beach of course is as perfect as before. I still am amazed at how Bora's white sands are so fine, it's like your walking on confectionery sugar. Good thing I never got wasted enough to actually put them in my mouth. And no green algae too this time! (The one ugly thing I hated about my last Bora trip, the shorelines was covered with them green stuff. They apparently come and go in seasons too, along with the droves of beach goers in the tropical summer.) So this time, I was actually able to just lie down on the shore where the waves die out. THAT, was just nice.

And the sunset... Need i say more? And we almost missed it too. The first two days we were there, the sun was blocked by clouds so we couldn't take pics of it setting. On our last day, the clouds gave way enough for us to get about five minutes of photo op with the sunset. And wow, that is just a thing of beauty, isn't it?

What's great about coming to Boracay in June is that it's off-peak season, so you practically have the whole beach to yourselves. The nights are less lively though (except for Bombom, there was not alot of activities), but as long as you go there with great company, then the trip should still rock.

As I said, Bora was amazing, and I shall commemorate the hotness again next year.

6 complaints:

Mich said...

See you in Boracay again (or somewhere else) enxt year ;-)

infobuilder said...

next year! next year! next year! :)

peejay said...

first, the sunset. your pic looks just like mine! hehe. but then, the sunsets there truly are spectacular.

parasailing! woohoo! now THAT was fun, wasn't it? yeah, the view from up there is priceless. how much did it cost you? =)

good for you wala nang masyadong lumot. bad trip yun. based on experience, i think the best time to go there is still around october-november.

and bombom. hehe. yeah, when we were there that was the only happening place in station 2. walang tao sa summer place. was the rasta guy who played alternative songs still there? i kinda enjoyed his set. =P

hellgod said...

everyone playing in bombom is a rasta guy hehe... yeah there was a rasta guy there who played solo, he's got a good surprisingly high tone (hindi halata sa mukha niya...)

There was also a band who played the usual songs rasta guys usually play. They were pretty good too.

Mich and Mike! Tama, next year ulit! =D said...

Nag-havaianas ka lang, adik ka na beach. hehehe.

Joseph R. Avisa said...

sa uulitin! chicken courdon bla!!!
hehehehe :) thanks! really enjoyed the bora trip!