Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mozart and Beethoven were indie stars too, you know

I just had a three-hour drum and bass clinic this morning as an alternative class for my school's (The De La Salle. Wait, that doesn't sound right... I guess it works for The Ateneo only...) University Week event.

Anywayz, I finally got to play the drums! (okay, okay... so i didn't really sound smooth at all while i was playing, but hey, before this day I haven't even touched a drum stick yet. You gotta start somewhere, right?)

I already know how to play Christmas carols on the flute, add to that the lullabies and nursery rhymes I play on the piano. All I need to do now is get the timing of hitting those goddamn cymbals and snare and cymbals and bass drum and cymbals and cymbals (gotta master the muscle memory technique!) and I'm half-way complete to my road to being the trip hop/acid jazz/alt-rock/blues-folk/neo-soul/garage rock music god that I was always meant to be.

Later in the day, I stopped by G4 to buy me a new bag, and some books since Powerbooks was having a sale. I bought "Smaller and Smaller Circles" by F.H. Batacan, not only because it won a Palanca Grand Prize and a National Book Award, but also because it's a required reading for my Literature class... I also bought myself a copy of "Sandman Vol. 4 - Seasons of Mist" by Neil Gaiman. The Sandman is my absolute freaking favorite book of all time. Read it and you'll understand why. (I suggest you start with either "Preludes and Nocturnes", which is Sandman Vol. 1, or the "Endless Nights", which is not part of the original storyline, it was published some years after Gaiman ended the whole series)

Let me also give out my thank yous to Yuan the demented, for sending me two mp3's of rare live performances by Jeff Buckley: I Never Asked to be Your Mountain (a tribute to his dad who died at the age of 29 back when Jeff was still little Scotty Moorhead) and Farewell Angelina (a Bob Dylan cover), and to Jaejay the semi-suicidal blockmate (if you read this Jaejay, hope you don't take the nickname personally) for letting me borrow his copy of "Preludes and Nocturnes"

And since I'm raving so hard about shit today, let me continue by saying that LRT line 2 rocks! I rode it for the first time yesterday and again, this morning (so in a slightly twisted perspective, i can now claim that I've devirginized myself from the train, twice for good measure) and it's fucking awesome. The train itself is really nice and wide, while the station is spacious and looks waaaaaay better than the Manila airport (NAIA Terminal 1)... Two thumbs up to you LRT2!

My day ended in a somewhat disappointingly annoying manner as Roger Federer(SUI) lost to Marat Safin(RUS) in the semis of the Aussie Open to the score of 5-7, 6-4, 5-7, 7-6(8-6), 9-7 in a match that lasted more than 4 hours. I can't be too disappointed though since I'm also a Safin fan and he really did play well. I just really hope that he wins the whole thing and not get beaten by either Roddick, or worse that mothafuckin, fist-pumping, cockhead of a Hewitt (they play their semis match tomorrow)... As a consoloation though, Wowow channel did show Daniela Hantuchova's(SVK) commercial for Yonnex tennis rackets right after the match, and she looked really cute and pretty and mmmmmm..... So that put a grin on my face.

It's already past 12am and i still haven't eaten my dinner (Wendy's Big Classic Burger, yum yum) so I'll be going now...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Feeling Slightly Well

Yes I am...

I'm still having a bout with this nasty cold, but I think I'm starting to win (less nose dripping) Unfortunately, this cold is a pretty pesky fighter (a la Lleyton Hewitt) and has now begun to attack my throat as I am losing my voice little by little. DAMN YOU FUCKING cold-causing virus!!!

In other news (yes there are other things happening in my life outside of gross nose-related sickness), I just finished doing some important stuff (but still alot more to do)... After doing these important stuff, I sat back and watched "The Amazing Race". Good thing too, I was on the verge of converting to atheism when Jonathan and Victoria got eliminated which to me was a sign from God that, yes, He does exist. Maybe the cold is some sort of punishment for doubting His existence? whatcha think?

After watching Jonathan get booted off his pants (i mean that literally, coz half the episode he was walking around Ethiopia on his red boxers... eerrhgg), I started randomly pressing numbers on the remote, until I caught sight of Spongebob on Nick... Heh... I have to say that was probably one of the funniest Spongebob episodes I have ever seen... I was laughing my head off watching the whole Bikini Bottom gang rocking on at the half time show of a football (american) match. Heh...

Aussie Open on Star Sports the whole day! Yeah!!! I just saw Federer win an entertaining match over Takao Suzuki of Japan (whose ranking is > 200). After the match, Jim Courier interviewed Roger and that was hella funny too. Daniela's second roud match is on tomorrow... Hope Star shows it.


I'm not really thinking about converting to atheism... I was just trying to articulate how happy I am that Jonathan is out of The Amazing Race in a very creative way........................

okay, so it's not so creative... but at least give me props for trying? right? right? no? ................ how about now? still no? oh well...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Not Feeling

well... i'm not feeling well at all...

I got a nasty cold, a nastier head-ache, and an even nastier bout with this mental illness called laziness... i have so much to do but I've barely done half of it...

what's weird is my cold gets worse each time I'm here at my house. When I leave for school it gets slightly better but when I go home, it gets worse... It's bad, I mean uncontrollable-dripping-nose bad... And I keep on sneezing! DAMN! It makes my head throb, i feel like it's gonna explode!

My brain doesn't function too well either and I get really hot-headed everytime my nose gets all clogged up. Damn I hate this...

If you're not feeling well either, then allow me to share with you a few beautiful words by Jose Corazon "Huseng Batute" de Jesus from his poem "Pag-Ibig"

Ang Pag-ibig, isipin mo, pag inisip, nasa-puso!
Pag pinuso, nasa-isip, kaya't hindi mo makuro.
Lapitan mo nang matagal ang pagsuyo'y naglalaho;
Layuan mo at kay-lungkot, nananaghoy ang pagsuyo!

Heh. (I'll explain later why I'm suddenly exposing my poetry-loving side for you to see, or maybe I won't)

Friday, January 14, 2005

Aussie Open Women's Seeds

Okay, before reading this post, I suggest you read the one before this (title: Aussie Open Men’s Seeds) since I wrote a little something something there that kinda serves as an introduction to this whole piece. Believe me, it’s gonna be worth your while reading it since it was me who wrote it. Seriously. Okay, I'll give you time to read it in………………


Okay, good. Now we can proceed.

Here’s the Women’s Seeds:

1. Lindsay Davenport (USA)
2. Amelie Mauresmo (FRA)
3. Anastasia Myskina (RUS)
4. Maria Sharapova (RUS)
5. Svetlana Kuznetsova (RUS)
6. Elena Dementieva (RUS)
7. Serena Williams (USA)
8. Venus Williams (USA)

9. Vera Zvonareva (RUS)
10. Alicia Molik (AUS)
11. Nadia Petrova (RUS)
12. Patty Schnyder (SUI)
13. Karolina Sprem (CRO)
14. Francesca Schiavone (ITA)
15. Silvia Farina Elia (ITA)
16. Ai Sugiyama (JAP)

17. Fabiola Zuluaga (COL)
18. Elena Likhovtseva (RUS)
19. Nathalie Dechy (FRA)
20. Tatiana Golovin (FRA)
21. Amy Frazier (USA)
22. Magdalena Maleeva (BUL)
23. Jelena Jankovic (SCG)
24. Mary Pierce (FRA)

25. Lisa Raymond (USA)
26. Daniela Hantuchova (SVK)
27. Anna Smashnova (ISR)
28. Shinobu Asagoe (JAP)
29. Gisela Dulko (ARG)
30. Flavia Pennetta (ITA)
31. Jelena Kostanic (CRO)
32. Iveta Benesova (CZE)

The oranged-colored names are those of the players who I define as "hot property" (and who in turn, also find me a "hot property". Yes I am still serious, and no I am not drunk. Notice that i do not slur my words.)

Now kids, any questions?

Aussie Open Men's Seeds

Australian Open starts January 17, that's on Monday! Damn, I'm really excited about this. If you can't tell yet, tennis is my absolute favorite sport. Wait, no that's not true. It's MY DAMN FUCKING ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SPORT. I'm addicted to this sport. I can tell you what the nationality of any player in the top 100 (and sometimes in the top 200) is at the drop of a hat. I watch matches intently and analyze each player's strengths and weaknesses, ability and how well they match-up against other players. Hey, some people do basketball, I do tennis. I'd love to talk more about my love affair with this sport (and the tennis players, ooooh, the tennis players) but I think I'll just do that some other time.

Right now, it's time for me to list down the Oz Open Men's and Women's Seedings.

Men's Seeds:
1. Roger Federer (SUI)
2. Andy Roddick (USA)
3. Lleyton Hewitt (AUS)
4. Marat Safin (RUS)
5. Carlos Moya (ESP)
6. Guillermo Coria (ARG)
7. Tim Henman (GBR)
8. Andre Agassi (USA)

9. David Nalbandian (ARG)
10. Gaston Gaudio (ARG)
11. Joachim Johansson (SWE)
12. Guillermo Cañas (ARG)
13. Tommy Robredo (ESP)
14. Sebastien Grosjean (FRA)
15. Mikhail Youzhny (RUS)
16. Tommy Haas (GER)

17. Andrei Pavel (ROM)
18. Nicolas Massu (CHI)
19. Vincent Spadea (USA)
20. Dominik Hrbaty (SVK)
21. Nicolas Kiefer (GER)
22. Ivan Ljubicic (CRO)
23. Fernando GOnzales (CHI)
24. Feliciano Lopez (ESP)

25. Juan Ignacio Chela (ARG)
26. Nikolay Davidenko (RUS)
27. Paradorn Srichaphan (THA)
28. Mario Ancic (CRO)
29. Taylor Dent (USA)
30. Thomas Johansson (SWE)
31. Juan Carlos Ferrero (ESP)
32. Jurgen Melzer (AUT)

I’ll do the women's seeding on another post since this post is starting to get really long...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Untitled (hey, somewhere along the way there was bound to be one, so might as well get it out of the way now, right?)

I was manic depressive when I was a little boy
I wrote a long list of praises for all my precious toys
I always count all my blessings because that's what my momma said
But I still grew up all screwed up so I point a gun to my head

I'm obsessive compulsive that's why my head always aches
My mind is spinning, it's spinning in a way I almost can take
I look up to the clouds to find me some inspiration
But all I see are my thoughts in a beak of a feathered anthropomorphic skeleton

Now sing it, rock star, sing it.

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea

I'm currently addicted to this song by The Killers called Mr. Brightside, or as I would call it, "paranoia takes over and inspires a song with an addictively repetitive tune and rhythm"

Now they're going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it's all in my head
But she's touching his chest now

anywayz, in other news, Daniela Hantuchova just took a thrashing from a Russian in the Sydney international tennis tourney... Damn, and I thought she was starting to turn her game around. Guess I'm just gonna have to wait a few more weeks before I start celebrating the epiphany of her old form.

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now isn't that a shame...