Thursday, September 21, 2006


1. August 31 was my teammate Vlam's last day at the office. I have to admit that it was sad to see him go because he wasn't just a great co-worker, but is also a great person. Last September 2, he invited us for a weekend trip to Fontana. Fontana was awesome, unfortunately, despite a weekend out-of-town trip, I still had to work all night till early morning :(

Good luck on your new career as a businessman, Vlam! :D

2. Our bundle, BI/DW(Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing), had our off-site team building last weekend at Lagos Del Sol in Lake Caliraya, Laguna. Lagos Del Sol was really beautiful. But despite the fact that it was our team-building, I again had to work (at midnight!)

3. Just got myself a cd of John Mayer's Continuum and Snow Patrol's Eyes Open. I am right now reading The Sandman Volume 2: Doll's House (it's one of the books I bought during Powerbooks' month-long sale). I spotted a hardback of The Wake (Sandman Vol 9) at Bibliarch in Glorietta 3 that I'm tempted to buy too. It's really expensive though, but The Sandman has always been my favorite indulgence, so I might just get a copy :D

4. I'm in the middle of a four-day break from work right now. It's so tough to shift from being a midnight DM to a regular working hour routine every week. I officially hate it.

5. I became a 1-year-old professional last Tuesday.

6. Two teammates of mine recently came back from Warsaw, Poland. Their trip was related to our (sub)team's transition to 24x7 application support hours.

The next few months should be interesting.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

At least a title. No?

Just got a small quick sneak peak of The Killers' latest single from their new record here. I must say I'm pretty excited about this... Do I hear some shades of Pink Floyd in the intro?

Damn amazing coolness. Goes right on top of my list of must-buys =D

Another must buy? Thom Yorke's first solo cd, The Eraser. Brings the sound of Bristol back to my head. Woohoo!

Friday, September 1, 2006

Public Service

Let's start the -ber months with some public service shit.

Bantay Bata 163 is a child welfare program of ABS-CBN Foundation that not only rescues and rehabilitates sick and abused children, but also provides shelter, therapy and quality home care for rescued children until they can be reunited with their families or referred to proper child-caring agencies.

Kids will always give their best smiles. But really, they need YOU. Click and take action now.

Children's Hour also provides so many easy ways to help children in need here in the Philippines. Please take the time to visit the site and find out how. Just a couple of clicks. :)


As you may know, there has been a devastating oil spill off the coast of Guimaras Island, a small province in Western Visayas, after an oil tanker carrying a couple million tons of bunker fuel sank at sea. Like most other provinces in the Philippines, Guimaras relies alot on its environmental resources. There is a website that was recently put up to advertise Gumaras' need for assistance, called Project Sunrise. The site contains some info on the situation in Guimaras, and how you can help.

As of 20 August 2006, at least 4,000 coastal families have been directly affected by the spill. They are now experiencing food and water shortage because their livelihood have been crippled by the oil spill and groundwater have been rendered unsafe for drinking. Medicines, particularly for skin rashes and upper respiratory tract infections, are also needed by affected families. Provincial and municipal government funds are now running out.