Sunday, June 18, 2006

Maybe I should be less considerate about people's right of way from now on.

Boracay on Wednesday! Damn excited! :D


I got my new car about one and a half weeks ago, and I've been driving it for about a week now. All I have to say is, damn, I need more practice on fucking parking that thing. And damn, nagasgas ko na agad siya. I hate this fucking building right beside my house (I can see the building right now from our window. You, yes you, you damn fucking building you, I'm talking to you. Dahil sayo nagasgas ang side mirror ko. Bilang na ang araw mo. Ipagdasal mo na fire resistant ka.) Our driveway is so narrow since they built the freaking building so close to our street, I have no choice but to squeeze the car in as close to its wall as possible so that people will still be able to pass through on the other side. And because I am so considerate of other people's right of way, I got a little too close to the beige wall and now my car has a nasty scrape on its left side mirror. Shit. Maybe I should start being less considerate about people's right of way from now on.


Aaaah!!! I hate this! Shit! I can't get over it! Damn you fucking building! It's all your damn fault! AAARGGH...


I need something to make me feel better. I feel like Roger Federer on a French Open final. I guess the Bora trip came right on time.


Last week, I gave a short presentation to my managers and some team leads in the office. It was a progress report (about my growth/stagnation/regression (whichever applies) as an office drone.) The reason I did it was because I was literally bullied into doing it by my fellow committee members. You see, I'm part of the committee that organized the whole event as part of an initiaitve in the office. Basically, we force our new teammates, upon their sixth month of being hired, to present to the managers and team leads about their growth/stagnation/regression (whichever applies) in the workplace. I wasn't supposed to present because I've been in the team for more than 6 months already, but my comm-mates were all (and I paraphrase): "You should do it, para naman merong isa sa atin na maka-experience magpresent, para makakuha tayo ng direct feedback on what to improve on in the process blah blah blah..." So me being the considerate person that I am (ahem), agreed.

Why am I writing about this? No reason really...


Now that I've made a big deal about and was able to rant about something that's not really rant-able, I feel slightly better about the scraped side mirror thing. Cool. Thank goodness for defense mechanisms.

See you in a week

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Charm Attack

The magic words of the moment are

Black Jazz