Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The World News, some very Local Music, and Aussie Tennis

I was at home working last Saturday morning when I picked up the newspaper and found a little disturbing something written on the paper's front page. It read:

World / A8 Court grants Angelina Jolie's request for her kids to use Brad Pitt's name

What the fuck?!? This??? This belongs to the World News section? Since when did the effects of Jolie and Pitt's bed-banging leave the Entertainment pages and become World News material? Is there nothing more relevant happening in our world for this to become the banner article of the World News section? Is there no more political crisis in the Middle East? Is there no more poverty in Africa? Is there no more terrorist threat in the world? Did the oil prices suddenly reach a standard flat-line rate? Do they mean to say that the surname (the very elegant-sounding Jolie-Pitt by the way) of the wonder couples' adopted kiddies is suddenly more pressing than the current world issues? What the fuck??


Later that day, I stopped by Tower Records in Town Center where I spotted this album called Cafe Bossa. What got me excited was the fact that the album was by Sitti
, who was a classmate of mine back in grade school. So I listened to her album and was really bowled over. She's got a really beautiful voice and her singing is just perfectly easy on the ears. No ear-splitting, high pitched screams or anything like that, just a real nice and calming jazz sound. I remember when our teachers would ask her to sing in class and she would sing the Mariah Carey songs young girls are expected to sing when their teachers ask them to sing in front of the class, and I just gotta say: I'm glad she matured nicely from those days. =)

Check out her official website.


The finals of the Aussie Open '06 is just around the corner, with the men and women ready for their semifinal battle. The women features a less surprising but nonetheless intriguing line-up headed by #2 Kim Clijsters of Belgium, #3 Amelie Mauresmo of France, #4 Maria Sharapova of (duh) Russia, and #8 Justine Henin-Hardenne of Belgium who beat #1 Lindsay Davenport(USA) in the quarterfinal. Defending champion Serena Williams got her ass booted off by my girlfriend 17th seed Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia in the third round with the score of 6-1, 7-6(7-5)... That was a great, confidence-boosting win for Daniela who then lost to Maria in the fourth round 6-4, 6-4. After an impressive run, Swiss Miss Martina Hingis' comeback from a three-year injury "break" was brought to a halt by Kim in a tight quarterfinal match (Kim won 6-3, 2-6, 6-4.)

The Semifinals willl be Justine vs Maria and Kim vs Amelie. Davenport's defeat in the hands of Justine assures Kim Clijsters of getting the number 1 ranking next week no matter happens in her next matches.

The men's side features a more varied line-up composed of #1 Roger Federer of Swtizerland, #4 David Nalbandian of Argentina, #21 Nicolas Kiefer of Germany, and the surprise of the tournament, former junior world champion Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus. The 20 year-old Baghdatis defeated #2 seed Andy Roddick(USA) in the fourth round in an amazing display of powerful and precise hitting, and great backcourt defense. In the quarterfinals, Baghdatis did more damage by defeating #7 seed Ivan Ljubicic of Craoatia in five sets. He meets Nalbandian in the semis. It should be an interesting match as both players have a similar game of aggresive baseline plays and relentless defense. Plus the fact that David is one of only
4 players who were able to beat Federer last year (in five sets in the finals of the ATP Championships, the last pro match of the season). Federer meanwhile will try to tame both the wily German Kiefer and his strangely erratic game. Federer started the Aussie Open in devastating form by not losing a set in his first three matches. However, he was tested by the extremely talented German Tommy Haas in the fourth round in a great match that saw Federer get pushed around and lose the third and fourth sets before recovering in a five-set win. He then continued to struggle in the quarters against Russian 5th seed Nikolay Davydenko, losing the second set before winning both the 3rd and 4th sets in a tie-breaker. It will be interesting to see how The Fed Express will play versus Kiefer's fiesty arrogance.

Men's semis: Federer vs Kiefer, Nalbandian vs Baghdatis

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday, the 13th

This blog is a year old today.

I feel like I should say something more, but I'm running on empty right now.


Work has been good so far, if a little uncertain. Although I think that's just natural when it comes to new things. The first few steps are always taken with some tentativeness, until you get the hang of it and you start taking bigger steps, in different directions.


Self-awareness is a good trait to have. Something that really annoys me a lot is when I see people who think too highly of themselves. Masyadong malaki ang bilib sa sarili to put it simply. The way I see it, great accomplishments (if they were great at all) are negated by high-and-mighty "I deserve your praise" attitude. Heroes are not supposed to be self-serving, after all.


I'm excited to go back to Boracay this summer. I'm also hearing my brother making plans of going to Cagayan de Oro a few weeks from now (and with a very wallet-friendly budget too!)


Aussie Open 2006, tennis season's first Grand Slam starts on Monday! After being forced to retire with injuries three years ago, Martina Hingis(SUI) will be playing in her first Grand Slam tournament as a wildcard entry (she has no ranking because of her three year absence). Defending men's singles champ Marat Safin (RUS) is not playing this year because of a knee injury while defending women's champ Serena Williams is running on very poor form because of injuries and a general drop in her fitness. Top seeds are Roger Federer (SUI) who will try to do better after losing to Safin in last year's classic semifinal match and 29-year old Lindsay Davenport(USA) who lost to Serena in last year's final. I hope Daniela does well here too. =)


Two bands that I'm really liking right now are Up Dharma Down (Alternative meets Trip-Hop meets Drum and Bass meets Soul meets great music) and Paramita (nice melodic songs and the vox has a real nice voice, sort of like Aia of Imago but a little huskier)


For someone who's running on low fumes, I sure can type a lot...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I've been having some fucked up dreams lately...

I hate that.