Saturday, January 27, 2007

Conversation #3

qwerty: You're not really a procrastinator or a whiner or disjointed or an obsessive addict. You're just looking for flaws you can be proud of.

zxcvb: Ah, yes. You know me so well.

qwerty: This won't drive you off a cliff again, will it?

zxcvb: Hey, don't give me ideas.

qwerty: You know what's a good idea? Vowels on names. How do the hell do you pronounce zxcvb anyway?

zxcvb: You're off-topic.

qwerty: We have one?

zxcvb: ...

qwerty: ... ?

zxcvb: So, I had a dream last night.

qwerty: Me too. But I don't remember it.

zxcvb: I was in a hotel room with someone I didn't know. And we were both naked

qwerty: Ah. So it was a wet dream?

zxcvb: Not really. It's actually more boring than it sounds.

qwerty: That naked someone in the hotel room. It was me wasn't it? Haha.

zxcvb: I said it was someone I didn't know.

qwerty: I know.

zxcvb: ...

zxcvb: You really are sweet, you know that?

qwerty: Thanks. One of my better qualities.

zxcvb: It's your talent. You can charm the fuck off anyone's balls.

qwerty: What does that mean?

zxcvb: I don't know. I just ... wanted to say it. Just thought it sounded bad ass. :D

qwerty: I bet you rehearsed that too. In front of the mirror.

zxcvb: Nah, just in my head. Twice.

qwerty: Cute.

zxcvb: One of my better qualities.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Oz Open, losing that Work From Home privilege, and the sides of luck

The Australian Open starts tomorrow! Woohoo!

Star Sports will be broadcasting the 2-week grand slam tournament, and as luck would have it, my schedule allows me to stay at home during the day and watch the tennis matches on my tv.


Not so lucky is my laptop, which is still under disrepair. The last update I got was that they need to replace the hard drive, and they have yet to recover my files (and the may never will). Not only do I have to reinstall all my applications, I will also have to re-do/research/find copies of all my work-related files (No, I do not regularly back up of my important files. Yes, that is stupid.) And since I don't have a laptop, I also can't work from my home (a perk that my officemates enjoy once a week.)


Last night I was at the SM Mall of Asia to watch the final night of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics. China and the Philippines were the two countries presenting that night, and the show was AWESOME! We had a great view of the fireworks (and the accompanying smoke. I was trying to enjoy the moment so I pretended that smoke does not in any way contribute to air pollution.)

Click here for the pictures. What? You can't click it? Oh... right... We forgot to bring our camera.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

What A Way To Go

The end of my 2006 and my 2007 has so far sucked, big time.

1. Dec 25 2006, I got a fever and my head really ached.

2. A few days later, the fever went a way, but the headache remained, and as a bonus, I started coughing like my throat wanted to gut itself out of my body.

3. A few days later, I went to the doctor, was given an anti-biotic prescription and went home. After getting back to my hous, I slept for about two hours and guess what I saw when I woke up... I forehead and ears have turned red and were itching so baaad... Then the itching and redness spread to my arms and legs and started to turn into rashes.

4. The next day, the rashes disappeared, but the tonsil-slashing coughs were still there. I have so far missed three days of work. (woohoo)

5. Yesterday, I started doing better and went online to work at home. Then later in the evening, I was surfing the internet when inexplicably, my laptop hanged. and crashed.

Thank you, 2007, you are being so good to me.