Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pasko, ikaw na naman?

Last Tuesday, my company held its Christmas Party at the Le Pavillon. The theme was Le Carnivale, and there were clowns, people on stilts, and mimes everywhere. The party was really fun, it started at around 6 pm and ended at about 1am (i think). The food was blah to be honest... It was supposedly catered by the Hyatt Hotel, but the food wasn't really all that interesting. (Last year's food was better.) All performances featured my co-workers, and most of it was really fun to watch. Cheers performers!

One thing I hated though was I got almost exactly the same freebie gift that I got last year! (Last year, I got a rectangular baking dish, this year I got an oval baking dish.) The good thing though: Free Overflowing Beer! Any party with an open bar is a great party if you ask me.

Then on Friday, I went to another Christmas party, this time it was the our Bundle's Christmas party. As it's becoming a tradition of sorts for out team, we were all supposed to come in costume. Two year's ago the theme was the 80's, last year it was the Movies, and this year it was White. Each sub-team had to wear a common costume, as long as it was predominantly white. The party was held at our teammate's house in not-so-nearby Commonwealth. (We came 2 hours late, besides getting caught in traffic, we took some time dressing up, and also had to take a slight detour to pick up some props: our balloons.) Oh yeah, we came as kids in a kiddie party

Last thing on the agenda last week was our sub-team's Team Building. We left Manila Saturday evening and made our way to Tagaytay City, Cavite where we had dinner at Lesley's (the dinner was heartstoppingly delicious: Bulalo, Crispy Pata and Sisig. Yum!) After dinner, we proceeded to this awesome house in Nasugbu, Batangas (thanks Vic!) where we slept till late in the morning. The next day, we went to San Juan, Batangas to enjoy the beach! We booked ourselves to La Luz Resort. La Luz was a little disappointing. The rooms were really nice, but aside from the beach, there was not much to do once the sun came down. Good thing we brought some vodka with us. That definitely kept us entertained till the early morning. We played our team's favorite game, 1-7-11 (woohoo!), and another game that Primo introduced to us, Raise (Race?) It wasn't really a game as much as it was a way for us to finish of the bottle of vodka. WOOHOO! Once the vodka bottle was all cleaned out, we used it to play spin the bottle. All I can say is, we didn't have enough bottles to get us to talk out of our asses that night.

Cheers to all who organized the parties! Last week's parties was really fun.

One party I failed to go to was the one organized by my college friends. It ran smack into out team building, so I couldn't make it. Sorry guys.


On a more bitter point, I'll be working on both Dec 25 and Jan 1. Jeez... And what do we, holiday workers, get for it? Nothing. Not even 1% extra pay for working on those two holidays. Because the company I work for somehow has this twisted policy where they do not pay their employees anything for working on holiday. And they expect us to be motivated and deliver high-quality output.


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