Thursday, November 9, 2006

21 inches of sleep

I finally got around to buying a TV for my bedroom last Sunday! =D I think it should help me whenever I have those nights when sleep just can't catch up to me (I'm not sure if I have insomnia. There are no problems with the quality of my sleep, but I do have ocassional problems initiating sleep. I may be an intermittent transient insomniac, if that makes sense). Cable hasn't been connected yet though, so I'm just watching DVDs in the meantime.


Just because it can't be said enough (or there are too few chances of actually saying this without lying): Work has been kind lately.


Did I also mention that the latest season of The Amazing Race just kicks major ass?!? If not, then let me just state for the record that TAR 10 is awesome! One of the best seasons ever (along with Season 1, 3 and 5, imo). I really like the racers this season (there are now just 5 teams left, the Beauty Queens, the Model/Former Drug Addicts, the token Bickering Couple, the Asian Brothers, and the Single Mothers), the cluses and tasks are back to the level of difficulty where you really need to use your brains, skills and enough common sense, and the locations are just awesome amazing! (so far they've been to China, Mongolia!, Vietnam, India, Kuwait, Mauritius and Madagascar.) The Amazing Race Asia also just premiered an hour ago (it's an Asian version of the original TAR, franchised by AXN.) TAR overload! I love it! :D

I'm also back to religiously watching Survivor again. I sort of stopped watching the show somewhere between the 6th and 9th seasons, then started at it again the last couple of seasons (the one where Steph and Bobby Jon kept on losing and losing and Ian did this stupid move to hand Tom the win, and the one with Cirie, where Terry kept on winning everything but it was Aras who won in the end.) I don't like Survivor as much as TAR (since TAR is, uhm, my favorite TV show of all time), but it's enjoyable enough to get me glued to it again. (Plus there are two Pinoys in Survivor this season, which i have to admit, adds to the Watch Me! factor)

Oh, thank you TV.

ps: Other shows I recommend: House and The Office. =D

4 complaints:

jweng said...

someone got me hooked on house last month and i must say...i'm thankful! the series is so addictive. i'm not that cynical (yet?) but house's cynicism clicks for me. i hope season 3 has more of those house-exploding-at-cameron scenes. i just love it when house yells at that ethics-obsessed goody-two-shoes. mean times.

Mich said...

Good for you :) I have a small TV din in my room to keep me awake during night shifts, I bought them for that purpose originally hehe pero di naman makapanood pag inulan ng tickets :p

Di ba natanggal agad ang isang Pinoy couple, sa second leg ba yun? I would have expected them to last longer that Aubrey Miles' tandem hehe curious how long they will last :p

lateralus said...

It will be hard to find someone who's not rooting for AITU. hehe.

Anonymous said...

I like this season of TAR too! It's not my favorite, but definitely better than the previous two. And yes, The Office is love. ;)

BTW, I changed my URL. If you don't mind changing my link. Thanks a lot!