Monday, August 21, 2006

oooh, and I missed it.

Two things that I regretfully missed last week:

Rockestra 2 (sniff) and the close view of Mt. Mayon's perfect cone spewing smoke and lava.

I couldn't find anyone to come with me and watch Rockestra, and I didn't really want to watch by myself (even though I knew some friends were also gonna watch, it still wasn't the same company, you know... being the third wheel kinda gets awkward in some cases. Hehe) So I just did what any centavo-pinching guy would do. I watched them through youtube :))

Which brings me to one point I've been wondering about in and out for a couple of months now... If the past tense of catch is caught, then why isn't the past tense of watch, waught? It's a catchy word, donchathink?

Hey, I waught Rockstar Supernova last week. Boy, for being a supposed "Rock Legend Super Group", their original song sure did suck! ... The last movie I waught was Pirates of the Carribean. How bout you, what was the last movie you waught? ...


My parents went to Bicol last Saturday to check out how Mayon Volcano is doing. See, may parents are volcanologist/geologist/construction magnates here in Manila and they're trying to see if they could use the solidified lava to build a new mall in the middle of the Manila Bay that would rival that other big mall near the bay (the Uniwide Mall in Coastal Road, if you really have to ask.) Of course they couldn't get close enough to the volcano because some jerk decided that there "has to be" a six km off-limits danger zone around the volcano. Must be working for the Sy's, those people...

But you know what else sucks? The batt of the cam that they brought ran out on them. So no lava samples, and no pics as well. Damn...

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Mich said...

Waught - parang "what"" in British accent hehehe

Well the last movie I waught was You Are the One bwahaha! I admit I rarely watch Tagalog movies but in fairness ok naman siya and madami namang entertaining/funny scenes :p The movie I waught before that was The Devil Wears Prada - very nice and fun to watch :p