Monday, December 31, 2012

It's The Yearly What Happened to My Year Update

So I haven't written much in here this year. What better time to catch up on blogging than the last day of the year. That's kind of my style anyway.

It's been a very eventful year. I'm really not sure how I can classify it really, so I'll just go ahead and call it a mixed bag. It was a fantastic year for travelling, no doubt about that. Maybe not so much on the job-front.

I finally got to visit Thailand this year, which was pretty cool. It was a great travelling experience. I was living out of my backpack for about 3 weeks, with no clear itinerary. We were basically deciding whether to stay put or move to the next destination almost every other night of the trip. It was great. (It wasn't a flawless trip though, I experienced a tsunami scare right before our flight to Indonesia, but that's a story I've already told on my Facebook page.)

I also got to visit Cebu and Bohol for the first time this year (can you believe it??) And those trips were nice too. I loved Bohol, and I really, really liked Cebu (especially the food, went there twice this year.) However, I think Cebu has some curse on me; no matter how awesome each Cebu trip was, it always manages to end up badly, haha. I had plenty of quick Manila trips too, and a nice Boracay trip just before I started with my new job. Boracay is still the best beach out of all the beaches I visited this year.

The best new destination I went to this year, however, was Mui Ne in Vietnam. That place is ridiculously awesome.

I was also able to go back to Siem Reap, which is my absolute favorite Southeast Asian city, (and Ho Chi Minh City) after 4 years. I loved that trip. I also got to squeeze in a couple of trips to Hong Kong and Macau (once on my own, before I flew to Thailand, and a second time with my awesome Manila friends)

It wasn't such a great story on the work-related front though. I started the year jobless, since there was no budget for a next project. The bright side to that was I was able to find time to travel, so I guess it wasn't that bad, haha. And I also got to find a new job at a new company after my Hong Kong - Thailand - Boracay adventure, but I will withhold comments about it while my contract is still ongoing. :-)

So that's pretty much why it was a mixed bag. Basically, 2012: Leisure = Awesome, Non-Leisure != Awesome.

I also went through some rough patches with some personal relationships, which I won't elaborate here, because I don't do emo drama shit. But suffice it to say, I learned a lot about friendships and relationships, and I'm still learning (because I'm usually on the losing end of things, lol.)

But who am I to complain? I had so many great moments with great friends both in the Philippines and in Singapore, and that's really all I can ask for when I look back on what happened to my year. Maybe I had some rough times with work and with some friends, but that's all part of what we have to live through. We deal and we move on, and then a new year comes around.

Maybe the coming year will be better, or maybe it won't. The main thing we have to remember is it's new.

Happy new year, you.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Like Clockwork Without the Accuracy

Through the years, I'd like to think that my life's philosophy has always been: focus on the now. Focus on what's in front of you and enjoy it.

Many times, I've been tempted to think of the what ifs, the what could've beens, and the what should bes. That's unavoidable for someone like me, I guess. I'm neither an idealist nor a pessimist. I'm a worrier in my mid-20's. I'm in a stage where life can take me anywhere. And I've figured that the answers to the questions (or uncertainties, depending on the side of positivity you lean on) worrying my mind will never be answered conclusively. What makes sense to me could be a complete puzzle to Person B, and the light bulb that sparks Person B could simply be an empty box to Person C.

My point is, if what's in front of me makes me happy, then I should stick with it. And the moment I realize it no longer is capable of putting a smile on my face, is the moment I should accept that I should move on.

And yes. This is one of those moments. I should move on and find another that will put a smile on my face.