Monday, October 16, 2006

Relatively Pissed

As you may or may not know, Metro Manila got a taste of disastrous weather a little over two weeks ago. Typhoon Milenyo, the strongest typhoon to directly hit Manila in over a decade, downed power lines, uprooted trees and practically put the whole city on a standstill.

Our place was one of the more unlucky ones, we had to wait for 8 fucking days before electricity was finally restored. Eight straight days of barely-bright candle light (they were scented on the, um, brighter side), battery-powered radio (that sounds more like a tin can being dragged by a three-legged dog) for entertainment, and an annoyingly limited supply of water (so limited that I had to forego shaving on some days) (just shaving, mind you).
Then again, when I found out that there was still no electricity back in our province until now (that's two weeks and three fucking days), I guess I can call myself Relatively Luckier.


I have no idea what happened, but my home computer just crashed on me. Again. It does that every year, for some freaking reason. Although now that I'm trying to recollect, I think it has actually been around two years since it last crashed (and also, two years since its last upgrade.) Or maybe not, make that 1 and a half years, give or take a few months. I'm wondering if I should just upgrade it again, or I should just buy a new one. (Reformatting the disk doesn't seem to be an option since it won't even start up. Dogshit.)

I haven't done an extensive damage check yet, because I'm still hoping that tomorrow when I turn it on, it'll start working flawlessly again. Call me Relatively Optimistic.


One thing that has been getting to me lately is the use of the word "stuffs". It simply is annoying. Please, people. If you really have to use the word, use it like "and stuff like that...", not "and stuffs like that...". I'm not a grammar master, but I really don't think you need to use the plural form of a word when the said word is really just an expression used to refer to general objects or ideas that you cannot find a specific word for.

And really, who says "stuffs"???

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lateralus said...

what stuffs are you talking about?! jeez, i hate it when people talk about stuffs like that.


pet peeve ko rin yan along with

some people just dont have the ear to detect the error. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

yung bahay kaya namen nabagsakan ng puno muntik na magiba. pero exaggeration lang yun. tas yung bintana ng kwarto ko sa flat tinangay. siryoso.

and coinkidinkily, my ears have been bleeding these past few days `cause of that "stuffs" too. just stab them.

infobuilder said...

May halata kang non-word. :p Count the number of "Relatively" you have... :) but I guess sometimes it can't be helped.

At least, you had electricity before your bosses did! :p

hellgod said...

Relatively is a non-word?

No, it isn't. :)

Non-word is a non-word :p

a p a n y said...



monsterboy said...

Peoples says stuffs. Deals withs its.

May interesting pa ito pag yung nagsasalita ay may matinding lisp. Katulad ng kaibigan ko, ang paborito niyang toyo ay "Thilver Thwan Thoy Thauthe".