Friday, May 26, 2006

Galera Days / I Still Love Typhoons

Last weekend:

I went to Galera again (yep, second time this month) for some teambuilding activities with my (duh) teammates from work. I must say that this trip is much better than the first one, if you consider the simple creature comforts (such as having a place to sleep in) a major factor in rating your vacations.

We got there on a smooth Friday morning, and I was really pleasantly surprised that there were only a handful of people on the beach (as opposed to the number of people as seen in the entry below)... Oh yeah, this is what beaches should be... No annoying, noisy people getting pissed drunk, losing half their locomotor skills (Read: Me, three weeks ago.) No overcrowding of seashores and restaurants... Just a small army of you and your crew, the blue sea, the nice not-so-white sands of White Beach, and the small parts of the sun that was able to peek through the gray clouds.

The atmosphere was also very calm, owing probably to the effects of the huge typhoon that wrecked through the island. (Side note: there was no electricity in Puerto Galera at that time as power lines were knocked down. The island is still under a State of Calamity until now, so people, donate where you can, when you can.) It made the seas look calmer and bluer than what I remember it. You could even see some coconut tree leaves floating freely from the shore. All that made Puerto Galera look like this new-found beach in a nice piece of island far away from the urban towns of smoke and booze. Just nice.

(Yeah, I'm unnecessarily dramatic sometimes. Fuck off it.)

One of the first things that we did when we got there was to ride the banana boat. While we were signing up at the registration counter, rain start to pour. We were waiting for the banana boat to get back to the shore (it just started pulling its latest victims away when we got there), so we just lied down on the beach for a while watching out for thunders that followed the lightning. When it was finally our turn, it was still raining and man, that banana boat ride in the rain sure was fun. It was awesome too that the motorboat went well far away from the shore. Being in the middle of the sea made trying not to fall from the banana thing all the more exciting (on the other hand, I think we just established the record for fastest banana boat tip-over (less than 10 seconds from when the motorboat started going vzrooom.)

My point being -> Janis Joplin and Nick Drake rock. And so do typhoons.

p.s. We went back to Manila on Sunday morning, where we were welcomed back on the Batangas City Port by our officemate Geebee who prepared lunch for our party (Joseph, Karon and Me)

Later that day, Me and my family went to Intramuros' Patio Victoria to attend my cousin Iris' debut party. Happy 18th Iris!

Today, I withdrew the first batch of the 80% of money that I have on my payroll account. And I couldn't be more excited. =D

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Galera Daze / I Love Typhoons

Two weeks ago I went to Puerto Galera with 7 of my officemates. (Ben, BJ, Daisie, Jan, Jyue, Mia, and Mike)

Mia has a very nice set of pictures from our trip
over here. Mike meanwhile, has the rants of the trip going on right here.

Of course, if you want my short version of the story, then here it is. We arrived in Galera some minutes after 1 in the afternoon, 5 hours off our intended arrival time. Once we got there, our first task was to find a place to stay in, since we didn't reserve any room (despite the long May 1 weekend and kids on summer break from school, hey, we were feeling adventurous!)

Short story of it was that we failed in task#1 (we even tried renting a tent from this Italian guy but he said (in straight Tagalog) that he was out of tents as well), and as we were hungry and dead tired, we just decided to cut our losses and go to another beach where we thought there would be less people. That desperation move took us two
barangays away from our original destination (White Beach) to the more obscure, less populous Talipanan Beach (It's the beach beside Aninuan Beach, which is the beach on the left of White Beach if you're facing the sea.) What I like about Talipanan is that it offers you basically the same beautiful beach (arguably better), but without all the noise and business of White Beach. (Another nice beach in Puerto Galera is the one in Big La Laguna. From what I remember, beach there is finer and whiter than in White Beach)

One word about Talipanan and Aninuan: Awesome!

The next day, we went back to White Beach to experience the Galera summer. And oh man, did we ever experience it! Galera with 4 pitchers of Mindoro Sling whacks you in the head pretty damn hard, I tell you.

The only thing I didn't like about this trip was that Galera was way too damn crowded. Literally filled to the brim.

The next day, we were on our way back to Manila when Joseph called us up and invited us to meet up with him in Makati for lunch and some other things. We obliged of course and met up with him at the Ayala malls, despite still being in our beach clothes. It was his 28th birthday, after all. Haha.

Over all, it was a fun, not perfect but great nonetheless, weekend.

Now I'm back in Manila, working on weekends in front of my laptop. Life is a balancing act, agree?

One thing that perks me up however is that it's finally the start of the rainy season. I love it when it rains. Temperature is moderately cool, and come on admit it, walking on the streets with the slight pouring of rain on your head, sun hiding behind gray clouds, is always fun. At least that's how I feel.

The rainy season made a big entrance this year with a pretty mad typhoon (Named Caloy by the local weather bureau.) I love typhoons and the huge amount of rain and nasty wind they bring. The only thing I hate about them is sometimes, they come with a death toll.

Which brings me to another point. If you are still reading this blog up to here, please donate to charity. (Wala lang, just thought I'd say it.)


Oh, and it's Mother's Day today right? Happy Mother's day to my mom (who doesn't read this), and to all the mom's out there (who do read this.) You rawk.