Saturday, February 4, 2006

The best gifts are the gifts you get

The best gifts are the gits you get even when you're not celebrating anything.

Thursday Last Week:

I met up with some high school friends two Thursday's ago for a long overdue and much-delayed dinner out. We ate at A Venetto in Glorietta 3 and ordered more food than we could eat, which is usually the case whenever I eat at A Venetto (I always underestimate their huge serving/I always overestimate my appetite for pasta.) (I highly recommend their Oil and Garlic with Ham and Bacon in White Sauce, btw.) I haven't been seeing much of my high school friends as much as I want, so seeing them again after some time was really nice. High school friends are the best people to share a good laugh really (between the Walking Human Mirror Ball and the Salted Duck Egg-and-Potato jokes, what could be better?)

After dinner, we rode a cab home to Las Pinas (where we all live) and winded our night down at the kapihang bayan ng Las Pinas (take a guess), where we were able to extort money for a cup of coffee from SMART-employed Mel. We were more than happy to accept Mel's offer(?) to treat us since we know how generous Smart is with their Christmas bonuses (hint hint).

Friday Last Week:

The next night, I met up with my PEx tennis friends (Ron and his friend Trish, PJ and Anuck) in NSG to have dinner and to watch the Roger Federer-Nicolas Kiefer Aussie open semis match (we ate dinner, but we basically ignored the match coz we were too busy eating/talking. The Fed was gonna win in four sets anyways). The highlight of my night though was when PJ gave me his brand new copy of Jeff Buckley's first and only studio album Grace.

The back story: PJ is a big Jason Mraz fan, and so is Ron I guess, and they were talking about the Mraz concert that they both watched some days before (Mraz did two shows in Manila and PJ actually watched both, presumably so that he could write a compreshensive thesis of how Mraz's singing and performances in Manila changes from one night to another. Hehe.) Anywayz, they asked me if I liked Mraz too, and I said I think he's okay but I don't like him enough to watch his shows. And then I said If it was Damien Rice then I would definitely go watch, and if it was Jeff Buckley, then I would kill anyone who stops me from watching. So PJ asks me if I had a copy of Jeff Buckely's Grace, and I said no because it's so hard to find Jeff Buckley cd's anywhere here in Manila. Then suddenly he takes out the Grace CD he has in his bag that he got for a very looow price when he was in Singapore and said that I could have it since he already had the Grace Legacy Edition. Ofcourse there was a few seconds of me pretending like I was too shy to accept such a generous gift, but that only lasted a few seconds because there was no way in hell I was letting PJ change his mind.

I then proceeded to declare PJ "My favorite person in the world for the next five days."

This weekend:

I planned to talk about my weekend but the weekend is not yet over and this post already has too many words in it, so I'll just blog it next time... (I think I'll call my next entry Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!)

6 complaints:

strandedsoul said...

wow saya saya naman hehe...hmm...pede o bang pakilla sakin yang pj n yan hihihi

Anonymous said...

gusto ko pa naman sana na ako lang ang "pj" (/"jp") ng buhay mo


- jjay

hellgod said...

AyGee: onga eh hehe...

Jjay: langhiya hahahaha... kung dinodonate mo sakin yung mga Sandman mo, pwede pa haha... BTW, did I mention na wala pa akong kopya ng Anasie Boys ni Neil Gaiman? hehehehe

peejay said...

hehe. i like your account of what happened. very detailed and honest. pero di ko yata naramdaman na favorite person mo ko ah! =P

anyway, what's your favorite track on the album? (apart maybe from "last goodbye" which seems to be everybody's favorite)

baka pwede namang mag-request ng "transatlanticism" ng DCFC. "plans" lang meron ako e...=)

monsterboy said...

Wow, madami ka nang fans Peej! *cough*versiontwopoiintoh*cough*

hellgod said...

PJ: Di mo ba naramdaman na ikaw ang favorite person ko? Ah... ganun kasi talaga yun... The best efforts always go unnoticed! :)))

Ang hirap naman ng request mo hehe... Pero sige, maghahanap ako ng Transatlanticism... Tapos ibuburn ko, Akin yung orig, sayo yung pirated copy! hahaha

Ron: Gusto mo bang dumami din fans mo? *ubo*pengeng pera*ubo*