Monday, December 25, 2006

little tests, why I can't be a motivational speaker, and why Natalie Portman owns my soul.

I need a shirt (white, plain)

I need a pen and paper (not anymore)

I need a drink (a glass of water would suffice)

Last week I was on a team building weekend get-away, and one of the activities we had was to choose 15, from a series of 50something, statements that best describe us. Each of the 50something statements fall under one of six different categories: Acheivement, Autonomy, Influence, Relationship, Security, and Balance. These six categories are actually categories of motivational factors. We chose our 15 statements beforehand. During the event itself, the six categories were revealed to us and we then had to tally how many of our chosen statements fell on each category.

Once the tallying was done, I found out that, according to this little test, my dominant motivational factor is Relationship, as 4 of my fifteen statements were on this category. I would have thought that the category that would win was Influence (who got three, as do Autonomy and Balance), so I was very surprised that Relationship did top the survey.

Why the surprise? Let's see. I have had only one serious non-platonic (after consulting my mental thesaurus because I did not want to use the word "romantic") relationship in the past. I also have none in the present, not even plans. If you asked for the name of my best friend, well, you won't get an answer. I never strike up a conversation with anyone I'm not already friends with(unless I'm drunk, and in that case, I shout at any one that's in front of me). I enjoy doing many different activities while I'm alone (going to the mall, eating, watching the tv). Simply put, on a scale of Yes to No, my rating of how sociable and eager to relate I am to people is No. Not that I'm anti-social (I'm not), or I'm uncomfortable/scared of being with people(I, again, am not)... But relationship as the main motivating factor to my performance at work (let alone life) just does not strike me as accurate.

In fact, I think it's the worst kind of motivational factor, because most of it's power rely on how other people respond to you. You can be the nicest, kindest, most generous person in the world and it still would not matter if you work with people who are plain assholes (not that I work with any), or the situation is just so extreme that you can't stop feeling negative about every little thing. And once you do succeed in making a relationship work, how would it help you then? When things are going shitty, your friends will make you laugh, but it will not increase your job satisfaction. It will not take away the bad policies of your company. It will not set you up for a more lucrative position in the future.

It just doesn't make sense to make relationships your motivation to succeed.


Maybe it's my lack of relationships that's motivating me to choose relationships as the dominant motivational factor in improving my performance at work (and in life). What a trick. I hate self-evaluation-conducive tests.


One of the things we did in the short gap between drinking and sleeping was to play spin the bottle. Once we got bored with asking one person a question that they may not want to be asked, we moved on with asking each other questions that we may usually find in a Grade Fiver's slum book. One of the questions asked was "I am happy because _____" (okay, so it's more fill in the blank than answer a question). I answered that I am happy because I am financially-stable. if you were to ask me that again, this time I would say that I am happy because I realize that I don't need to get paid to do my passion.


Speaking of passion, one issue I'm really passionate about is this policy our company has about not paying its employees any holiday premium for working on a holiday. I deserve a fucking good explanation at least, on why they are not following the labor laws of the Philippines. On why we are being cheated out of what is fairly ours. I don't think the company I work for is going bankrupt anytime soon. Its number 11 in the Fortune 500 list for fuck's sake. Why can't they pay their employees(us) a decent holiday premium for working our asses off on Christmas? On New Year? at 3 in the fucking morning!???!


I am writing this at 5 in the morning, Dec 23. I was supposed to sleep about 3 hours ago, but as I was about to lie down my bed, I turned the tv to HBO, which was then showing Closer. Which is why I am still awake up to now. Because really, can you actually go to sleep after watching that movie? Wow.


I'm writing this now, Dec 25 4:25 am. Have a great Christmas Day everyone.

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3 complaints:

benj said...

no holiday premiums? walang nagrereklamo?

happy new year, dude. ok yung parties nyo ah. hehe

Anonymous said...

"I never strike up a conversation with anyone I'm not already friends with(unless I'm drunk, and in that case, I shout at any one that's in front of me)."

uy, dapat makita kitang lasing!

oo nga pala. ouch post para sa akin ah. haha.

pero with this -
"It just doesn't make sense to make relationships your motivation to succeed."

from one Simpsons fan to another.. remember the episode where Marge's pregnancy on Maggie was told to Bart and Lisa? tapos nagtataka sila kung mahal na mahal ni Homer si Maggie, nasaan na yung mga baby pics?

then naalala mo yung
changing into
care of Maggie's pics?

wla lang. bigla ko lang naalala. one of the most classic TV moments ever. ahehe.
(tho yeah, medyo off-argument, kasi d naman office relationship yun..)

-- jjay

janny said...

closer, one of my all-time faves. true, d ka dadalawin ng antok nun.
Happy New Year pala!!!