Sunday, April 2, 2006

Just because it's so good

Another serving of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan:

And another over here too


Just caught the Aussie Grand Prix on Star Sports a while ago.. Between Michael Schumacher crashing to the wall and Jenson Button's engine blowing off (with flames and all) at the very last turn of the very last lap of the race and stopping literally about five meters from the finish line, that was a really entertaining race. Heh. (Podium? 1. Fernando Alonso, Renault; 2. Kimi Raikonnen, McLaren-Mercedes; 3. Ralph Schumacher, Toyota)


It's April! It's Summer! Ang iniiiiit!

edited to add:

Just caught Ice Age 2 earlier this evening. It was a funny movie, especially when the acorn dude is on the screen. Plus that mini-sloth tribe was hilarious as hell too! :-)))

There also seemed to be alot of computer-animated movies coming up... Most of them looked like they were too kiddy though...

2 complaints:

roaneloooooo said...

sayang si button no!!!!! =/

hellgod said...

hahaha, akala ko nga he was gonna get out of his car and push it to the finish line.. sobrang lapit na niya, sumabog pa engine! hehehe :p