Monday, February 28, 2005

To Anonymous:

Of course I don't mind comments on my blog, in fact I'm grateful for each one that comes along (naks). It somehow fills the little black spot in my sun left gaping because of my lack of actual writing talent (yes, I'm fishing for compliments).

But let me just clarify that the use of "mah" in the "cramping mah style" line (read in my previous post) was intentional. I was not trying to sound cool because first of all, I am not, and second, I really don't talk (and write) that way. What I was aiming for was an exaggeration of my disgust on the overly-dramatic and overkill of intellectual depth in the quasi-quantum physics book that I was assigned to read for my Religion class. Of course now I do realize that most people did not get this intent since it was more of an inside joke to myself. (okay, okay... I still have a long way to go, I know)

And trust me, dude, it is not your age (how old are you anyway?) that may have triggered fears of bad English cramping into the young Pinoy's style, coz I really get irritated too (usually on a high degree) when I hear full-blooded-laking-Pilipinas na mga Pinoy talking to their dawgz using "hip-hop Americanese" (didn't know there was a term like that, I learned something new today!).

On a more personal note, blogging is not just something I do to look "cool" (again, I reiterate that I'm not, because if I am, I would not use the word "reiterate"), o kaya nama'y para lang makisabay sa uso. I write on my blog because I love to write. Sabi ko nga sa blog description ko na I'm a frustrated writer. I would continue writing on my blog even if only a handful of people would voluntarily read it. But since this paragraph is already on a confessional tone, I'll admit that blogging satisfies my narcissistic cravings as well.

I digress.

Anyway, my point is that I'd like to thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it, especially the "your writing is fine" part. Heh.

ps: And the next time I make you uncomfortable in front of your PC while reading mah (oops) blog, feel free to post a comment about it once again. Knowing that I've made someone feel uncomfortable gives me more pleasure than receiving complements, I assure you that.

pps: Another thing I have to add... I also don't say the words "fuck" and "damn" as often as I say it here on my blog. So don't wash my mouth with anti-bacterial soap when you see me in person.

ppps: One more thing! (Damn this post just goes on and on doesn't it?) Advance Happy Birthday Kuya! I sure hope he doesn't read my blog, he might have some violent reactions, hehe...

Monday, February 21, 2005

I do donate to BantayBata so my conscience is clean

It's almost 1 a.m. but my stomach still feels so stuffed and I can't sleep...

I started the day early, woke up at 6 am and went to the Filinvest commercial center to jog and shake off the slob-for-life lifestyle that I solemnly adhere to. I was able to run for about 5 kilometers straight before I got lazy and stopped. Hey, at least I was able to add 5 kilometers worth of health-related activity into my 19 years, 9 months, and some weeks of existence as a rational(well, most of the time) living being whose specie just happened to originate from a multi-celled eukaryote in the Paleozoic era which really, all came to pass because of the great primordial flaring forth (Take that Adam and Eve!) (what the fuck?!? Damn! That Relsfor paper about the origin of the freaking universe is cramping into mah style... got to stop internalizing and reflecting on it too much...) Wait, on brighter note, did I really just use Paleozoic in a sentence? Hey, look at that, I did use it on a sentence! There you go, you never know when those crazy quasi-quantum physics/anthropologic terms would come in handy...

Anywayz, if your still reading this then I just gotta say: wow, you really are bored and have nothing else to do, don't you?

Okay, on with the story... After jogging and exercising for about an hour and a half, I then went to THE Gonuts Donuts (yes, we put a THE, all caps, before the name) in WestGate and started chanting songs from the Lion King soundtrack because they wouldn't let me in. Not. I ordered my favorite Chocolate Glazed and Peanut Butter Glazed and Choco-Hazelnut Donuts and a cup of "Velvety Gonuts Donuts Hot Choc'lit" (not really velvety, but it did taste like champorado, yummy champorado, so it's all good)... So much for jog-to-a-healthy-lifestyle huh?

Got home, went back to sleep, woke up 12:30 p.m. and what do you know... It's lunch time! Lunch was composed of leftover food from the previous day... I conclude that food tastes a helluva lot better if they are more than a day old. Coz if it's not, then I guess I don't have much excuse for eating a lot (except for the fact that I am a slob, which in the first place, is as lame an excuse as you can give...)

I was busy getting spaced out from writing a reflection paper on "The Universe Story" and "The Great Work" (one chapter each, both about 20+ pages long) for my Religious Studies 4 (that's the same Relsfor earlier mentioned) class to have some snack, although I did stuff some chocolate-covered balls in my mouth (sound gayish?)

Of course after writing a reflection about two chapters of books (one of which contains no single trace of sense) against my own will, it wasn't hard for me at all to get in my best i'm-a-childish-brat mood which caused us to be late for Sunday mass. But that's not really the point here... The point is dinner time! My dinner consisted of Sbarro's White pizza and 3/4 baked zitti in alfredo and tomato sauce (the remaining 1/4 is sitting on our ref, no doubt making itself more tasty for my breakfast tomorrow). That white pizza is just heaven to my taste buds.

Which brings me back to my original topic of why I'm still completely stuffed.
It's now 1:39 a.m. by the way.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

South Park Philosophy

STAN: Butters?
BUTTERS: Oh, hey stan.
STAN: What's the matter with you?
BUTTERS: Well, my girlfriend broke up with me.
GOTH 1: Did she step on your heart with stilleto shoes?
BUTTERS: Yeah, it sure does hurt.
GOTH 2: That's cool, I guess you can join up with us if you want.
GOTH 3: Yeah, we’re going to go to the graveyard to write poems about death and how pointless life is.
BUTTERS: No thanks, I love life.
STAN: Huh? But you just got dumped.
BUTTERS: Well yeah, and I’m sad, but at the same time I’m really happy that something can make me feel that sad. Its like, it makes me feel alive you know, it makes me feel human. The only way I can feel this sad now is if I felt something really good before, so I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I’m feeling is like a beautiful sadness. I guess that sounds stupid.

Just Wanted to share a South Park conversation I found somewhere on the internet. I especially like the last part... (um, i think that's really the part that's supposed to make sense in the whole conversation, so yeah, I like that part) Not that I can relate to it because I just got dumped and can feel beautiful sadness, or the fact that it's Valentine's Day last Monday (or Valentine Week (yeah, some people can be real spazzes, spending one whole week celebratin Valentine's DAY))

Before you think my heart has turned into emotional mush ready to be mixed in sticky Japanese rice, let me just say this: No.

I just happen to really like that conversation. It just has this something that got to me (gets to me, actually). Maybe it's because it appeared on a show with badly-drawn kids who swear ten times (or eleven, I'm not really keepin tabs) more than I do...

Yeah... That's the reason. No doubt about it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Destruction don't live here no more

I changed the look of my blog, in case you didn't notice. It has brighter colors now, so it's less dark (yes, I'm a genius...)

The only problem is that the font colors that I used for the Back Issues (that's Previous Post to you, non-genius reader...) don't match the colors of the current template. I'm thinking of changing the font colors, but that's gonna take hell of a long time (since I'm very picky with colors, and then there's the fact that those different font colors actually has a real purpose behind it you know!) Geniuses are also busy people you know, even if we take only half as much time and effort in doing something since we're, you know, smart and all...

But as of now, I guess I'm just gonna leave things like this.

btw: Leave a comment about the new look. Tell me which one you like better (that is, assuming that you've seen and can still remember the previous look). Warning: Tell me neither one looks good and I'll have my minions (yes I have an expendable set of minions) kick your ass till hell sends you right back to this page.

Monday, February 7, 2005

The Dream Lord is coming to the Philippines!

well, it's still in the planning stage I think, and it might be too premature to celebrate and camp outside the future hotel that he'll be staying at, but...

Neil Gaiman is gonna be visiting Manila!!!
Image Hosted by

Mr. Gaiman, the author of The Sandman series, American Gods, Neverwhere, Stardust, Coraline and the oddly intelligent book The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, is coming to Manila for some book signing...

Damn! I got so fucking excited when i heard this news...

Gaiman is one hell of a great mind and I wish someday I'll be able to write something that would be as good (or even half as good) as his works... you know... the type of work that has a little more sense than the stuff I normally post here...

here's what he posted on his journal in his website:

...Incidentally, I'm trying to organise (well, I'm not actually doing the organising) the promised signings in the Philippines and Singapore before or after the Melbourne convention and Australian book signings this summer. The signing in the Philippines looks like it's happening, but I'm not sure about the Singapore one, as originally I was going be brought in with Dave McKean by the British Council, a plan that was scuppered by MirrorMask, and now I'm not really sure who to talk to. (If anyone in Singapore has any bright ideas, feel free to let me know.)...
But if I'm not credible enough for you, feel free to check out his website and look for the post he made on his journal here (look for it yourself you distrustful bastard!)

btw: thanks to Johnny Quantum, who was the source of the info (from a thread) -> Neil Gaiman in Manila!

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Preludes and Nocturnes

It felt like they're gone as quickly as they came.

I'm talking about my cousin, Ate Ching, and her family. They came from the US about three weeks ago and just a couple of hours from now, they'll be on their plane headed back to their home in the US. (I didn't come with them to the airport, you won't believe how much luggage and balikbayan boxes they brought with them. They even needed two vans to bring them to the airport hehehe)

We had a really great great great time when they were here.

It's gonna ba four or five years till they come back here again. By that time my niece Chloe would be a lot older, but I hope she remains as cute as she is now (she's 5 years old and loves the color pink), and her older brother Kevin would be a teenager by then and he'll probably be taller than me, too. I think another one of my cousins, Kuya Renen, will be coming here in April, so that's something to look forward to again. The only other cousin that hasn't visited us here in the Philippines is Ate Rona (that's because she always gets pregnant hehehe...), so I'm really hoping that she comes over here soon

I miss them already.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

of Aussie Open Results and unstrategic shopping schedules

After Federer(SUI) lost to Safin(RUS) in the semifinals of the Aussie Open, Safin went on to whoop some Hewitt(AUS) ass in the finals 1-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-4. Hehe... I'm glad Marat won, since i really don't think that a guy as unsportsman-like and as cocky as Hewitt really deserves to win a Grand Slam tourney (and the huge cash that goes with it)

After losing in the finals though, Hewitt then proposed marraige to his new girlfriend, so he's engaged again... about two months after being dumped by Kim Clijsters(BEL). Two Months... He was engaged two months ago but got dumped, and two months later he's ready to get married again... to a different girl... after just two months... Kinda makes you go hmmm.... doesn't it? It's probably a defense mech he's employing when his strategy of "Annoy the fucking daylights out of your opponent" doesn't work.

Anywayz, woohoo for Marat Safin(RUS)! and to the Safinettes of (hehehe very entertaining people, those Safinettes)

Remember in the previous post that I said I just bought me a new bag (It's a Puma Messenger Bag by the way, I wanted to buy a Speedo Bag, but it was too expensive so i just settled for this one, hehe)? The day after I bought the bag, I went back to G4 (the place where I boaght it from) and I found out they were having a mall-wide sale! a fucking mall-wide sale! on all items! including the fucking bag! damn, I felt so screwed I wanted to grab a big rock and throw it on the store's glass window. Of course, since I was in the middle of a mall, there wasn't any big rocks to throw... so I didn't...

I had a really nice weekend but I'll hold off talking about it coz I just don't feel like it today. Maybe tomorrow, or the day ofter that, or... you got the idea...