Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Health Concerns and Things That Bother Me.

My right eye is twitching a lot lately. I wonder what that means? Am I slowly losing muscle control on the right side of my body? Is my reflex growing weaker? Can't handle the caffeine I'm pumping into my body everyday? Sign of nerves and anxiety? Did a small insect get inside my eyelid? Spore infection? Have I become a hypochondriac?

And while I'm at it, my shoulders make a clicking sound (just like when you crack your knuckles, only with a much lower tone, probably because it's coming from a much bigger joint) every time I shrug my shoulders. Does that mean I have to stop shrugging my shoulders each time I hear a fucking ridiculous and annoying statement from a person I hold only a slight to no respect for? Or should I just risk the possible calcium loss on my bone mass instead?

Nose close to the ground, that's my technique.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sobering Facts

The world is a vampire...

I can't believe it's time to bust that song out again.

Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved.


So I missed the Aussie Open finals (but I missed it because of my El Nido trip, and it was totally worth it), just to recap, Daniela reached the semifinals (her first in a Grand Slam) where she lost to Serbian Ana Ivanovic, who then lost in the finals to Maria Sharapova, who takes her third Grand Slam title (after Wimbledon and the US Open). On the men's side, Serbian Novak Djokovic takes his first Grand Slam title after beating Roger Federer in the semifinals. It was the first time Fed didn't reach a final of a Grand Slam in 3,273 years.


TK and Rachel won TAR12. Woohoo! This is the first time a team I liked from the very first leg actually won the whole race. (Remind me to do a geeky post about my TAR lists)


And finally, El Nido. So I posted a few pics on my previous post. And I mentioned how awesome El Nido is. Well, I'm gonna do it again.

We went island hopping El Nido has the most beautiful islands, beaches, lagoons. We went kayaking in the snorkeling and kayaking in the Big and Small Lagoon in Miniloc Island, and we saw baby sharks! with our bare eyes! swimming right beside our kayaks! We also stopped by Entalula Island (it's the last pic on my previous post) where we tried some rock climbing. It was awesome! I have short arms and legs, so getting to the top took some effort, but it was still awesome. Most of the pics are in Charmaine's cam so I'll probably post some once I get a hold of some copies. We also tried some scuba diving (there was a free introductory course, just like every freaking activity you could do in El Nido). I've snorkeled a bunch of times and but scuba diving was a totally different, and a whole lot cooler experience. You could actually see fishes and corals and sea creatures right in front of you! It was amazing. Definitely one of many highlights of the trip. We also had lunch at a private beach. A speed boat dropped us off a private beach, with our lunch all prepared right on the beach (baby back ribs and grilled salmon, shrimp kebab, shrimp sinigang, baked potatoes, salad, and a bunch of fruits) and left us to enjoy ourselves.

Speaking of food. The food was fucked up great. It was buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner (including desserts!) I'm not sure but I probably gained a few pounds in those three days.

And it was an awesome three days.

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