Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Looking For Positives

Every year, my company holds a beer bash sometime towards the end of October to celebrate the close of another fiscal year. Last year it was an all-too-simple gathering at our office building's seventh floor terrace, so obviously, this year's Beer Bash at the Hard Rock Cafe is an improvement.

Last year our bundle was still composed of around 60 to 70 people. Now, coming into the new fiscal year, our team has grown twice in number, and will soon change it's name (again) to something that sounds less interesting (something to the tune of Oracle Database Solutions or whatever.)

We also have a new manager joining the bundle (the third immediate manager that I'm going to have; the first one resigned on my second month at work, afterwhich we went though a period of having no immediate manager. Two months later, the new one came on board only to move out to another company after about six months with us. Two more months of having no immediate manager officially ends tomorrow.) I wonder how it will be. The way I see it, this new manager could possibly be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.

I've also mentioned previously that we are moving to a 24x7 application support hour arrangement. This happens in the coming week. This also means I will get stuck on doing shifts more often, and vacation plans will be harder to plan out. One gripe that I have about this is that it will actually be harder (if at all possible) to plan a week-long vacation. I'm also going to have to start effectively planning out my tasks since manning support shifts isn't the only thing I'm supposed to do.

Changes indeed.

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Mich said...

I'm on my fourth ops manager hehe I don't know why we always outlast our ops managers... is there something with the job? :p

one good thing about the 24/7 support is the 6-hours shift... but it is definitely harder to plan vacations... that's why I don't have anything planned in the coming weeks. Like Seph said, siguro tama lang yung timing ng Bora natin. Sa lagay na to, baka hindi na maulit... We'll just have to wait and see what happens in the future :)

I'm retaining our BI/DW name in my signature. It sounds more attractive. And it's still what we do anyway. It's more informative of what we do.