Monday, December 1, 2008

That's Not a Ghost, That's a Guy in a Red Shirt! And He's Got My Laptop!

Ok... To whoever controls the ways of the universe: When I said that it was gonna be an eventful weekend, I was just being sarcastic, ok?

That being said, I'm absolutely gutted.

Saturday, ~1:30 AM: I got home, went up to the computer room and left my backpack on the chair where I always put it. After that, I went to my room, watched some tv, listened to some music, and then went to sleep.

Same day, ~9:00 AM: My dad woke me up and I had breakfast with my parents and sister. It's been a long time since we all had breakfast together, or for that matter, a Saturday morning together. We were heading to the province, which is why my parents were in Las Piñas, and my sister and I were awake before lunch on a weekend. Anyway, after I finished my breakfast, I went up to the computer room again, and took my cellphone, which I left inside my backpack. The phone's batt was dead, so I took it to another room and charged it. I went back to bed while waiting for my mom to finish using the bathroom.

~10:30 AM: After much prodding from my parents, I got up from bed and took a bath, then I went straight up to my room, got dressed and started packing my stuff.

~11:30 AM: I went down to the computer room to grab my laptop and digicam. I wanted to bring my laptop so that I could watch some movies and tv shows on a decent screen (because there was no cable TV in my parents' house in Quezon.) When I got there, my backpack (which doubles as my laptop bag) was gone from its homey chair. I asked my parents if they've seen it, or if they knew where it was. Of course, they didn't. I suspected that my dad just mistakenly loaded my backpack to the van together with all the things we were bringing to Quezon. So I checked, but the backpack wasn't there either. I checked my room, hoping that I brought it up there, and I just totally forgot that I did for some reason (someone else moving my things, short term memory loss, early signs of Alzheimer's, sleepwalking or other sleep-induced movement, I was willing to go for any reason...) But it still wasn't there.

My backpack, and everything in it including my laptop and its peripherals (geeky word, I know), my cam, my favorite brown jacket, my company ID, and important office stuff, was gone.

Apparently, when my mom was in their room getting ready, she saw, from the reflection in the mirror, someone in red coming out of the computer room. She didn't mind it thinking that it was just me, or it was just something she imagined (some friends have claimed that they see ghosts in our house, so we've gotten used to ignoring things that seem to move out of the corner of our eyes.) Also, apparently, my parents forgot to lock the door to our kitchen after they loaded all our things in the van. And apparently, our neighbor saw a guy in red taking a peek into the screen door of their house, surveying what's inside. Our neighbor locked the door when he saw what the guy was doing and the guy left.

Apparently, the guy in red was a robber, and he went into our house and from right under our noses took the easiest thing he could take: my backpack with my cam, and my favorite brown jacket, and my 3 month-old laptop containing all my work files and important emails, most of which have no backup copy. Lucky bastard.

As I said, I'm absolutely fucking gutted. And pissed and annoyed and depressed.

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Benj said...

Im sorry to hear that. :(

Inuman tayo?

alvin, kid repetitive said...

sure, basta libre mo!

The situation is pretty much in control now... I already have a back-up laptop in the office, so I just need to reformat it, transfer my files, reinstall all the apps that I use, and for everything else that's missing, I'll just have to re-do all the work I did the past months. hayzzz

Michelle said...

ma-karma sana ang magnanakaw.

mille said...

Alv! grabe naman yan! nakakatakot magdala ng laptop sa labas pero kahit pala sa bahay hindi pa rin safe. nakakainis lang yung kumuha. tama si mich, sana makarma cya.

benj said...

SIGE, sure, kelan? hehe

aajao said...

^ anong iinumin nyo, nai cha? :D

Alvin, magpapasko na.. darating na ang bonus kaya ngumiti ka na muna. :)

alvin, kid repetitive said...

jon: In the place I work in? Waiting for a bonus payout is like watching an Adam Sandler movie... You'll get one or two laughs, but at the end of the movie, you're bound to leave feeling stupid and disappointed.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Mich, Cami: I generally don't believe in karma. But in any case, the fact that he has to steal to earn a living is karma in itself, I guess.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

benj: I'm fully booked until next week haha (it's hard being an elf during the Christmas season)

Any day during the week of Dec 15, except for the 17th, 18th, 19th and the 21st (but that appointment might be moved to the 20th so block that off too)... So Dec 15 or 16. :D

monsterboy said...

Alvin: Boo! Salisi gang! Tara inuman tayo. Game ako. =)

geebee said...

a bonus payout is like watching an Adam Sandler movie... You'll get one or two laughs, but at the end of the movie, you're bound to leave feeling stupid and disappointed.

Hahaha. I like this analogy!

monsterboy said...

After reading this, I learned from my best friend that her PDA phone got stolen. In her room! Fished out by a thief. Cheez, how more creative can you be.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

In conclusion, just like financial institutions, athletes and fashion, thieves work in seasons and trends too.

lateralus said...

Lol. I didnt bother to check the comments. Ayan, dumaan na ang 15 and 16. hahaha

Im going to Sagada on the 21st