Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another End To Another Year

I finally got a new cam (after my old one got stolen...) It's a Canon IXUS 870 IS that I asked my OFW friend Karon to buy in Singapore since gadgets are usually a lot cheaper there. I was choosing between the IXUS 870 and the black IXUS 980, which looked awesome but was also about 100 SGD pricier. You won't believe how excited I was when I took the camera out of the box. Shiny new things are awesome :D It burned a huge hole on my pocket though, but I guess I'll just tag it as a gift for myself and cross it out of my spending ledger (except I also still have plans to buy a new phone because my old one's batt keeps on falling off. Where's a salary increase when you need one?!??!??)

Anyway, if there was anything good I could take away from being robbed, it's that my cam is new and improved. Woot!


Last week was a really hectic week for me. It was the last official work week in our company before the annual Holiday shutdown, and it was also a week with Chirstmas Parties, dinners, and get togethers. There was our bundle's Christmas Party, our team's Christmas Party, our dinner with the aforementioned OFW balikbayan Karon (hehe) (pics here), and our monthly batch dinner, where we also met up with another Singapore-based balikbayan, Ben
(pics here)

December is a fun month, isn't it? I hope you're done with your Christmas shopping! (I'm not...)

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aajao said...

Alvin happy new year! have a blessed one! :)

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Happy new year din, Jon!