Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Must Saw TV

We're in the first few hours of the last day of the year, and since it looks like this day is supposed to be significant (judging by all the firecrackers and all that noise), I figure why waste it on sleep? So instead of going to bed, I thought I'd spend just a few more minutes blogging while eating some yummy czekolada from Warsaw that my teammate Piotrek gave me for Christmas (although it's not E. Wedel or Wawel, pwede na... Thanks Boss Piotr!)

So as a year capper, and since this is also the season for Top n lists (where n = 10, usually)... I thought I should list down my must-see TV shows in the past year:

  1. The Amazing Race - It's travel porn paired with constant adrenaline rush. Of course it's my #1.
  2. Chuck - It's Alias, but funnier and lighter. And AXN showing back-to-back eps of the first season only added to my addiction.
  3. Pushing Daisies - I'm still pissed it's not coming back for another season. I'm really gonna miss this show, just like I still miss Arrested Development.
  4. Top Chef - A cooking competition featuring great food set on a kitchen filled with competitive egotistical chefs? I'm in.
  5. Damages - I remember wanting to be a lawyer when I was a kid. This brilliantly twisted show actually makes me happy that I didn't go that route.
  6. 30 Rock - Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Kenneth the Page, Elaine and the whole cast is pure comedy gold.
  7. House - Hugh Laurie as House is just completely fascinating to watch, even if the show gets too formulaic at times.
  8. NCIS - It sort of replaced CSI as my favorite crime show. The plots are always interesting, but what really holds it up is the great chemistry between the cast members.
  9. So You Think You Can Dance - Forget Idol (until the new season comes in January, I guess). I'm not one who likes dancing at all, but this show is addicting. srsly.
  10. Family Guy - The best thing about Family Guy is that it consisteblgrruhgse.

Special Mention:
  • How I Met Your Mother- The only problem with this show is I can't catch it often enough on my TV...
  • The Office - You know how there are parts of this show that's so damn funny, and then there are those parts that really make you cringe and want to change the channel? Because it might actually be your office they're basing the plot on, and you might actually be a Dwight? Or a Michael?
  • Digging for the Truth - This is a show on the History Channel, and the host travels from continent to continent to prove (or disprove) a historical mystery. It's awesome if your a history/geography/travel geek like me.
  • The Summer Olympics - Hey, it only comes once every leap year.

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10 complaints:

totomai said...

no Dexter? lol happy new year Vin

abumelt said...

question, how do you have time to watch all these shows?!

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Mel: it only means I have work-life balance... :p

Totomai: tinatamad ako magdownload ng mahahabang series eh hehe... I usually just watch what Las Pinas Cable gives me.

mia said...

nacucurios nako sa pushing daisies! may dvd/avi ka? :D

himym is awesome! ;) meron ako himym season 1-3 na dvd, tapos may avi rin ako ng season 4 haha. altho papahiram ko muna kay kath, m getting her to watch it hehe.

i never figured u for a sytycd fan :P

alvin, kid repetitive said...

yeah, napanood ko lang yung auditions ni Philip Chbeeb and Robert Muraine sa youtube... naaliw ako kaya hinanap ko yung full episodes haha

Pushing Daisies is good! It's quirky, parang Wonderfalls (if you know that show hehehe) pero sa Jack TV/ETC/Star World ko lang sya napapanood eh, no DVD or avi copies.

Michelle said...

Bakit daw di babalik ang Pushing Daisies? Kala ko nanonominate siya sa mga Emmy's...

Chuck - first two episodes palang napanood ko. I got the rest of the first season on my laptop ;)

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Yup, they got 12 Emmy nominations and won 3, but the second season had low ratings so ABC cancelled it... I think the writer's strike from last year affected it badly (they were supposed to have a full 22-episode season, but were only able to shoot 9 episodes)

I've only watched the 1st season of Chuck hehe. Chuch and Sarah woohoo!

mia said...

meron din ako avi ng chuck season 2 :P

same goes for latest seasons ng gossip girl, desperate housewives, heroes, house, himym. haha fyi lng baka gusto mo :P

alvin, kid repetitive said...

pahiram ng Chuck! ayoko na maghintay sa AXN, puro sila replays ng season 1! and house and himym na din :p

mhia said...

dalhin mo ung laptop mo sa batchdinner, tas dadalhin ko HD ko hehe