Saturday, December 13, 2008

All We Need Are Blinking Christmas Lights.

I didn't realize that Christmas is actually less than two weeks away until I bought Christmas gifts for my college friends before our dinner last night. That's odd.

It's probably because luck hasn't been on my side lately. Or because I really am getting a bit too old for the shiz that is the season of joy and gift giving and Santa and merrymaking. Or maybe it's because our company's Christmas party was
canceled because of cost-cutting measures (and to think that I was actually complaining about last year's sucky Christmas Party. Now, all I can say is at least '07 actually had one.) Or maybe it's because our Christmas tree doesn't actually have Christmas lights on it.

Aaaaand, I'm actually part of the Christmas Party committee for our team. So, I really need to step up my Christmas spirit, I guess.

Hell Yeah

5 complaints:

mainepot said...

iba talaga ang closeness ni becca at matz! very evident sa picture!

alvin, kid repetitive said...

haha, syempre napansin mo talaga yun!

abumelt said...

the scrooge in me is wondering why i also volunteered to be part of the christmas party committee.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

hey, at least you got 3rd place in the presentation thing you did right? haha

abumelt said...

yea, there's that. i was part of the christmas team presentation committee too. nagpapaka-bibo kid ako e.