Friday, November 28, 2008

Haiku of Peeves and Random Spittings

I was bored the other night and so I wrote several Haiku about some of the things that generally piss me off (in a way that's enough to rile me up but not in a violent way, that is.) I figured, I'm uselessly releasing pent-up mental tirades anyway, so I might as well put some creative effort into it. In short, these are just silly pet peeves that I've decided to put into short phrases.

Misuse of the words
Worse and Worst. And "In Lieu Of"
Shut up already.
Why crank up the sound
when your playlist is so lame,
you pathetic twit?
You're not paid to be
An asshole in the office,
so don't start now, k?
He's blabbing again
Crap Crap Blah Crap. Someone, please:
Plan my funeral
email signatures
with those annoying icons
just clog my inbox


I'm going to our province (in Quezon) tomorrow for my grandfather's birthday. His birthday partaaay will be held at my parent's new house. I've never seen the new house, but its the fruit of my dad's year-long labor (and retirement fund), so it's probably something worth seeing. Plus, the last time I was in Quezon was 2, maybe 3 years ago. No cable tv, no internet, and no signal for my Globe cellphone. It's gonna be an eventful weekend, I guess. See ya.

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7 complaints:

aajao said...

hey, enjoy your Quezon trip! will you happen to pass by Rizal province road or you'll take SLEX? anyway, it's always a joy to be with your loved ones during work breaks.

btw, nice way to have those rants out--- haiku. :)

geebee said...

The theme of the haikus sounds work-related, or at least, office-related.

Benj said...

What a bitch this Alvin is. lol

You listen to Mogwai! *high five*

alvin, kid repetitive said...

jon: we always take the SLEX route, through san pablo, sariaya, lucena, and the Quezon National Park...

geebee: office-related nga, but it's not directed to any person specifically. :p

benj: Mogwai is awesome, hirap nga lang maghanap ng full albums dito, kaya puro downloads na lang ako haha

alvin, kid repetitive said...

"but it's not directed to any person specifically. :p"
I mean, not to one person specifically. Marami sila.

hahaha just kidding.

geebee said...

I mean, not to one person specifically. Marami sila.
Aba, dumadami ang "friends" mo. :P

Michelle said...

Angas ng haikus hehe :p