Monday, February 28, 2005

To Anonymous:

Of course I don't mind comments on my blog, in fact I'm grateful for each one that comes along (naks). It somehow fills the little black spot in my sun left gaping because of my lack of actual writing talent (yes, I'm fishing for compliments).

But let me just clarify that the use of "mah" in the "cramping mah style" line (read in my previous post) was intentional. I was not trying to sound cool because first of all, I am not, and second, I really don't talk (and write) that way. What I was aiming for was an exaggeration of my disgust on the overly-dramatic and overkill of intellectual depth in the quasi-quantum physics book that I was assigned to read for my Religion class. Of course now I do realize that most people did not get this intent since it was more of an inside joke to myself. (okay, okay... I still have a long way to go, I know)

And trust me, dude, it is not your age (how old are you anyway?) that may have triggered fears of bad English cramping into the young Pinoy's style, coz I really get irritated too (usually on a high degree) when I hear full-blooded-laking-Pilipinas na mga Pinoy talking to their dawgz using "hip-hop Americanese" (didn't know there was a term like that, I learned something new today!).

On a more personal note, blogging is not just something I do to look "cool" (again, I reiterate that I'm not, because if I am, I would not use the word "reiterate"), o kaya nama'y para lang makisabay sa uso. I write on my blog because I love to write. Sabi ko nga sa blog description ko na I'm a frustrated writer. I would continue writing on my blog even if only a handful of people would voluntarily read it. But since this paragraph is already on a confessional tone, I'll admit that blogging satisfies my narcissistic cravings as well.

I digress.

Anyway, my point is that I'd like to thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it, especially the "your writing is fine" part. Heh.

ps: And the next time I make you uncomfortable in front of your PC while reading mah (oops) blog, feel free to post a comment about it once again. Knowing that I've made someone feel uncomfortable gives me more pleasure than receiving complements, I assure you that.

pps: Another thing I have to add... I also don't say the words "fuck" and "damn" as often as I say it here on my blog. So don't wash my mouth with anti-bacterial soap when you see me in person.

ppps: One more thing! (Damn this post just goes on and on doesn't it?) Advance Happy Birthday Kuya! I sure hope he doesn't read my blog, he might have some violent reactions, hehe...

4 complaints:

Anonymous said...

jjay wrote:

hirap kung d mo kilala noh?

p.s. 19 ka pa lang? wapaya

hellgod said...

yep, 19 pa lng ako... about 2 months pa bago ako maging 20 hehehe...

Mela said...

Anonymous people always think they're so high and mighty, just because they're anonymous. Wala lang. Huwag mong pansinin yun.

Hindi ka 19, 29 ka na!


Mela said...

Now that I've actually read his entire comment... I wanna make a longer one. Haha.

I really think he should get off his high horse. His assumption that you are merely using certain expressions because you want to be cool was totally off. This statement, Or it oould also be my fear that this great adventure of blogging might resurrect Englis-writing for Pinoys but somehow bring with it some borrowing of the perceived "coolness" of some other culture's English. implies that you are nothing but some pathetic wannabe who tries to be cool by adopting some "hip-hop Americanese" into your blog.

First and foremost, does this guy even know you? I mean, I know you grew up here but what if you just migrated to the Philippines? In that case, that poster would merit a "I grew up talking like this, you f*cker" comment. Point is, he shouldn't be so quick to judge if he doesn't even know you.

Secondly, who cares if you speak "hip-hop Americanese?" It's your way of expression. Language is constantly changing and I really don't think there's anything wrong if people don't speak in a grammatically correct manner all the time. Especially if it's something as informal as a blog. (I wouldn't recommend using "mah" in a research paper, but I doubt you'd do that.)

On a semi-related example, when people started dropping "thou" and using "you" for both plural and singular cases, several writers condemned them, saying they were uneducated, vulgar boors. I'm sure, had Mr. Anonymous lived in that time he would be right up with 'em screaming at anyone who used "you" instead of thou. Well, I guess my main point is that language is constantly changing, and if the language people use don't meet up to the grammatical standards of the 1950s (or whatever year he was educated), he shouldn't condemn them but instead just accept that language is dynamic.

Finally, I found this statement, But I guess 19-year old Pinoy boys need something to borrow from sometimes. so d*mn condescending. 'Nuff said.

I hope Mr. Anonymous reads this comment.