Tuesday, February 1, 2005

of Aussie Open Results and unstrategic shopping schedules

After Federer(SUI) lost to Safin(RUS) in the semifinals of the Aussie Open, Safin went on to whoop some Hewitt(AUS) ass in the finals 1-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-4. Hehe... I'm glad Marat won, since i really don't think that a guy as unsportsman-like and as cocky as Hewitt really deserves to win a Grand Slam tourney (and the huge cash that goes with it)

After losing in the finals though, Hewitt then proposed marraige to his new girlfriend, so he's engaged again... about two months after being dumped by Kim Clijsters(BEL). Two Months... He was engaged two months ago but got dumped, and two months later he's ready to get married again... to a different girl... after just two months... Kinda makes you go hmmm.... doesn't it? It's probably a defense mech he's employing when his strategy of "Annoy the fucking daylights out of your opponent" doesn't work.

Anywayz, woohoo for Marat Safin(RUS)! and to the Safinettes of
www.Pinoyexchange.com (hehehe very entertaining people, those Safinettes)

Remember in the previous post that I said I just bought me a new bag (It's a Puma Messenger Bag by the way, I wanted to buy a Speedo Bag, but it was too expensive so i just settled for this one, hehe)? The day after I bought the bag, I went back to G4 (the place where I boaght it from) and I found out they were having a mall-wide sale! a fucking mall-wide sale! on all items! including the fucking bag! damn, I felt so screwed I wanted to grab a big rock and throw it on the store's glass window. Of course, since I was in the middle of a mall, there wasn't any big rocks to throw... so I didn't...

I had a really nice weekend but I'll hold off talking about it coz I just don't feel like it today. Maybe tomorrow, or the day ofter that, or... you got the idea...

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