Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Destruction don't live here no more

I changed the look of my blog, in case you didn't notice. It has brighter colors now, so it's less dark (yes, I'm a genius...)

The only problem is that the font colors that I used for the Back Issues (that's Previous Post to you, non-genius reader...) don't match the colors of the current template. I'm thinking of changing the font colors, but that's gonna take hell of a long time (since I'm very picky with colors, and then there's the fact that those different font colors actually has a real purpose behind it you know!) Geniuses are also busy people you know, even if we take only half as much time and effort in doing something since we're, you know, smart and all...

But as of now, I guess I'm just gonna leave things like this.

btw: Leave a comment about the new look. Tell me which one you like better (that is, assuming that you've seen and can still remember the previous look). Warning: Tell me neither one looks good and I'll have my minions (yes I have an expendable set of minions) kick your ass till hell sends you right back to this page.

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