Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cam Sur WIN!

I wrote 5 notes on Facebook today. I feel so accomplished!


Also, that Cam Sur trip was AWESOME times 1,000!

The 1 hour van ride, then 2 hour boat ride, then finally the 20 minute jeepney ride to Caramoan was arduous, but definitely worth it, especially when your boatman takes you on an island like this:

Caramoan is on the Eastern tip of Luzon, in the province of Cam Sur. It's definitely, definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. I'd say it's sort of like El Nido, only a lot less expensive. We got to visit a total of 8 islands, had 4 full meals, and stay for 2 nights at an Inn in town, and it was all for just around 1,500php.

(side note: two Survivor franchises were shooting there at the moment, and we got to go to two islands where they had obstacle courses and a dozen tall platforms for what looked like endurance challenge set up. We played around on them and it was fun, too.)

CWC was also loads of fun. I was fairly successful on the knee board, but I tried to ski and wiped out after a second on the water. I can't wait to try it again anyway.

I'll post more pics on my multiply site.

Update: Pics are now up over here ->

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3 complaints:

mhia said...

alvin, bkit nman ang pinost mong pic is d "dirtied" version of the island. andaming footprints ugh! (haha sorry pakialamera!)

alvin, kid repetitive said...

kasi it means we OWNED the island! hahaha

lateralus said...


breakdown please! :p