Sunday, February 15, 2009

...the right combination of brains, brawns, and teamwork

The 14th season of TAR starts tomorrow! Woohoooooo!

It includes Asian siblings who both have Harvard law degrees, 30/40-something flight attendants, stuntmen brothers, sisters/athletes, another mom and son team (but the twist here is the son is completely deaf since birth), former NFL cheerleaders (one of them is also a former police officer), a former drug addict and alcoholic and his wife, a formerly in the closet father (who's now come out as gay) and his son (School of Rock screenwriter Mike White... Ned Schneebly!), a blue collar married couple, and the requisite bickering/dating couples.

Here are the intro videos of the teams.

Based on initial impressions, I think I'll be rooting for Team Motherboy, since they're obviously the underdogs here, and the Asian siblings, who look really strong on paper (although they also look like a combination of last season's Nick & Starr and Terence & Sarah, which might get annoying.) The 3 all-female teams also look stronger than the pretty blondes in pink that TAR usually casts.

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4 complaints:

monsterboy said...

TAR 14 na pala yung nakita ko kagabi...

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Did you see the cheese task? hell funny

David said...

Usually, I've picked out my favored team by the end of the first episode of each season. With this one, I still don't like any of them well enough to root for. I suppose if I had to choose one, I'd want the mom and son to win but if I hear (or see signed) "deaf people can do it too," I think I might barf.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

What I like about this season is I'm not seeing any teams that I hate yet. All of them are pretty likable, if a bit annoying (like Victor)

I don't mind Luke's "deaf people can!" storyline. He's deaf since birth, so I'd guess he's really had more uphill battles in his life than me. Plus, I think it's really the editors/producers who are playing up the repetitive deaf "people can do it too" mantra, rather than Luke himself.