Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gods and Forehands

Wow. Just wow.

That was a highly entertaining final match, but the trophy presentation? With Federer crying? And Rafa saying sorry and telling Roger that he'll get Sampras' record eventually? If I was Barney Stinson, I would've come up with a hundred ways to say legendary already. The match didn't reach the tension and drama of their Wimbledon '08 final, but those two speeches from two of the greatest players of all time made up for it.

So, in summary, Serena Williams wins her 10th Grand Slam over Dinara Safina (easily) and regains the #1 ranking, the Williams sisters beat Daniela and Ai for the women's doubles title, the Bryan brothers win the men's doubles, Indians Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi win the mixed doubles, a Filipino wins a Grand Slam title for the very first time, Rafael Nadal wins his first hardcourt Grand Slam title, and GodFed cries.

And I still haven't recovered from it.

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totomai said...

it was a great match. i know nadal would win but i thought roger can take this crown.

men's tennis is totally eclipsing the wta.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

The ATP has always eclipsed the WTA, not just in terms of popularity but also in terms of the quality of tennis.

Even through the Steffi vs Monica era, Pete vs Andre was the better rivalry. I think the only notable time when the WTA was outpacing the ATP Tour was during the time when Martina and Venus and Serena were on top, because those were the years in between Pete's and Roger's domination.

If Justine didn't retire last year, maybe we'd have a Federer-Nadal sort of rivalry right now on the women's tour (where Justine = Roger and Serena = Nadal, in style of play)

Either way, someone from the WTA Tour has to step up and consistently challenge Serena just like Rafa did against Roger.

monsterboy said...

Masama pa din ang loob ko na natalo pa rin si Roger. Sayang!!!

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Yeah, sayang, but Roger just didn't play well in that 5th set, when he could've taken advantage of having the momentum from the 4th set...

I'm choosing to look at it this way.
1: He's already improved from last year's semifinal loss from Djokovic
2. He still has the goods to win that elusive 14th grand slam, or even break Pete's record and win a 15th...
3. To begin with, he already has 13 Grand Slams and more than 4 years of being #1 non stop. :D

Jessica Zafra also has a nice article in the Philippine Star that helps Fedtards get over his loss.

monsterboy said...

Fedtards!! That's an ugly name.

Agree with all your points - with Roger, you gasp, "That's awesome!" With Rafa, I' would go, "That's impossible!".

alvin, kid repetitive said...

what, you don't find "Fedtard" as endearing as I do? :))

monsterboy said...

Of course not. You can stick that fugly name in your trademark Nadal wedgie.