Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Science of Promotion


My flickr site:


I also post the pics on my Multiply site.

Between four blogs, a Multiply site and around 4 other social networking sites, a pbase site (which I never use anymore), a lycos and an angelfire personal site, some message boards memberships, and this new flickr site, yes... I am a cyberwhore.

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3 complaints:

aajao said...

wow. 4 blogs! dinaig mo ako. tatlo lang blogs ko (2 from blogspot & 1 from xanga) although i have two pbase accounts and of course, sino bang walang friendster account? lol. does that make me a cyberwhore too? :P

peejay said...

poland! inggit din ako! hanggang hk lang ako e hehe. pero sayang you didn't get the schengen visa. maybe next time. =)

alvin said...

sana nga may next time pa... parang di yata kaya ng bulsa kong mag-Europe ulit kung hindi company ang magbabayad ng expenses haha