Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 1 in Warsaw

It's been a week since we arrived in Warsaw. Everything's going great :D

The place I'm staying at is awesome! We've been taking the public transport to get around, and it's a lot, lot better than the public transport in Manila. It's way more organized which makes going around the city really easy for a newbie. No jeepneys here, and buses actually follow loading and unloading zones. :p We bought a card which allows us to use the bus, tram, and subway around Warsaw anytime we want, as much as we want, for the next 3 months we'll be staying here. Walking a few kilometers a day has been commonplace for us too, but it isn't bad at all, since the cool weather allows us to not break a sweat even if we walk around the city for 5 hours.

Since I've mention the cool weather, let me tell you more about it. It's fr
eaking cold!!!1!1!! And to think that our officemates have been telling us that we should wait a few more months when winter kicks in because it's actually still warm! It's 12*C outside! And it's supposed to be warm! I might come back to Manila with three fingers lost from frostbite, seriously. (On a warmer note, because of the cool temparatures I've already bought two more jackets hehe.) Of course, the fact that its waaay colder here than it ever is, was and will be in Manila didn't stop us from buying ice cream. There's a bunch of ice cream stores over here. One thing I've discovered though, kebab and shawarma eateries are as ubiquitous here as Starbucks is in Makati. Who would've thought that? :p

So far, we've walked around the Palace of Culture and Science, which is just a street away from our apartment, been to Wilanow Palace, visited the Monument of the Warsaw Uprising, strolled around Old Town and New Town (Stare Miasto and Nowe Miasto, respectively) (a very, very beautiful place :-) ), and some parks in Muranow (and three malls in and around Central Warsaw.)

The Palace of Culture and Science
Wilanow Palace
Church at Wilanow Palace
Mausoleum of Stanislaw Kostka Potocki in Winalow National Library in Muranow
Memorial to the Heroes of the Warsaw UprisingView of the Warsaw Barbakan from New TownView of the Warsaw Barbakan from Old TownThe Old Town Market Place (Rynek Starego Miasta)The Old Town Market Place (Rynek Starego Miasta)
A picture of a statue of a Syrenka in the Old Town square
(aka the point when my camera's battery died)

I'm having a great time so far!

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mhia said...

existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time;

aaaaahhh okkk :))

alvin said...

Mukhang parehong dictionary yung tiningnan natin ah... hahahaha

monsterboy said...


Central Europe! Inggit ako.

alvin said...

Cancel your Aussie trip then! Hehehe

monsterboy said...

I was supposed to go to Europe - pero nagrereklamo ka na nga na ang lamig diyan. What more kung winter. Did you see TAR All Stars when they went to Poland? The people looked like surly icicles.

a p a n y said...

The Old Town Market Place (Rynek Starego Miasta)

that pic looks like the buildings fronting the grand canal in venice!

never been there, napansin ko lang :D

*dreamy* ;;)

a p a n y said...

i luv your hotel/apartment by the way!!

makes the apartments we stay in in japan look absolutely spartan in comparison XD

alvin said...

yeah, that's not even the complete view of Old Town. That area is actually a big town square with the mermaid statue in the middle. Sobrang ganda :D

We plan to go back there this weekend, we haven't explored the other areas yet