Monday, June 11, 2007

We were dead before the ship even sank.

So what's the cure for anxiety?

It seems like practically everything that's happening these past few days triggers anxious feelings, like I'm constantly on the verge of throwing up while speaking in front of a huge crowd. No, not really. That's an overstatement. It's really just because of this one thing. There are some things that are going right. Really, there's a number of them. But somehow, I just seem to have this uncanny ability to always think about the worst thing that can and will happen, and its negating all the positive energy that I should be having.


Since when did deviance become a good thing?


Back when I was a little younger, I'd use to listen to music to get me out of these slumps. Then I realized... It doesn't really help if you just listen to Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, or whatever Radiohead-like band was popular five years ago. They're not exactly the most cheerful music you'll ever hear, you know?


Thinking positively, looking at the bright side of things, searching for the silver lining in dark clouds. It's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. Someone should make a guidebook, preferably in pdf format, so that I can do quick searches.


Which brings me to Modest Mouse's latest album. I have it on repeat in my, ehem, ZVM for weeks now. That's how much I love it. Combine Isaac Brock's almost feral,
intense singing with quirky melodies and guitar riffs (hey, Johnny Marr of the Smiths!) and you've got yourself an incredibly enjoyable record right there.

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Michelle said...

"and its negating all the positive energy that I should be having"
...negative energy? naku...hehehe :p