Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Roland Garros was a Fighter Pilot

Who knew spring in Paris would be so rainy?

It's the second day of the Roland Garros French Open 2007, and not even half of the first round matches have finished (or have even started!)

Anyway, my picks to win would be Justine Henin and Rafael Nadal, with Serena Williams and Roger Federer coming in at a close second.

I'm actually rooting for Federer, but I think that Nadal will take his third straight Roland Garros title. Federer's win last week over Nadal (see post below) sure made things a lot more interesting though. Justine is currently the best female tennis player on clay, but doesn't seem to be as dominant on it this year. Add to that the fact that the start of her season wasn't good, when she and her husband went through divorce. She may have a steely mental resolve on the tennis courts, but her divorce has got to take a toll, mentally and emotionally. But I still think that Justine will bring her best tennis at the French Open. Her potential quarterfinal and semifinal match against Serena and Jelena Jankovic respectively should be great.

Hopefully the weather improves the next few days (in Paris.) Right now, I'm loving the rainy Manila weather :D

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Kai said...

Like your predictions but you know who I'm rooting for, hehe. I also like Rafa to win, he's also chasing history, but I'm all for the GOAT right now. Love Rafa, but I really believe it's Fed's time. Haha, hope I don't jinx it! :))

*BTW, I'm back on blogger. Sorry for the mess.

hellgod said...

i think Fed is pretty much on track for the GOAT title even without the French Open... Winning the French Open would make it pretty much inarguable though :p

lateralus said...

how dare you doubt FEDEROOOOOAAAR!!!

Have you been playing tennis? My interest just got stoked a bit when I played a few sets in Cebu. hehe

hellgod said...

If "have you been playing" means any time in the past, then yeah.. I've been playing tennis since I was ten... but I haven't played for a really looooong time now. Nung 2nd/3rd year college pa yata ako huling nakapaglaro hehe.

Si Ronnie, I think he might be playing regularly.

lateralus said...

Ronnie's knee is allowing him to play? Last time I heard he can barely walk without pain.

hellgod said...

wait, seryoso ba yan Benj, or are you just making jabs at Ronnie's, ummm, weight issues?