Sunday, March 4, 2007

Creative, yung Zen Vision: M, yung White!

Nice, isn't it? :-DAnd I got it at a really good bargain too, I asked my cousin Kuya Ren to buy it for me while he's in the US, and that cut the cost by about 5k php. (Plus I payed him in pesos and I think the peso has gotten stronger versus the dollar from the time he bought it to the time he arrived in the Philippines hehe)

Anyway, Kuya Ren is here for his wedding this coming March 17! The rest of the family will be arriving from the US on the 12th for the wedding. The coming weeks should be eventful :P

*note: no, that picture isn't really the unit I own, but I'm too lazy to transfer the pics from our cam to the pc, so I just googled an image haha.

3 complaints:

Kai said...

Looks better than iPod.

lateralus said...

congratulations to giving in to technolust, mortal.

hellgod said...

It is better than iPod :D