Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Ok, not to be cliche or anything, but today makes yesterday look foolish. What a difference 24 hours make.


I just heard Chris Cornell's (hey, he's got a nice website btw) new single Arms Around Your Love on the tv. Is it just me or does it sound too... I don't know, 3 Doors Down? Rob Thomas? (ducks bullets and eggs)

His vocals are still great, but the whole song just sounds so... Adult Alternative? Contemporary pop/rock? Its weird. for a Chris Cornell song, that is.

But I should probably listen to the whole album first (or the whole song even) before really spouting sacrilege.


It's my Dad's birthday today*. It's also the Philippines' national Independence Day*. But I barely felt it. No parades, no fireworks, today's not even a holiday! So much for nationalism.

For what it's worth, Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos!

*I'm writing this at 2:15 am, June 13; but I'm still considering now June 12
according to my frame of time-consciousness. Since I woke up at 1pm today. :p

3 complaints:

Kai said...

Independence day is lame, but if Americans are so hyped about theirs (when they're not as an invasion-spot as the Phils were), then how much more festive can we get.

Happy Birthday to your dad. :)

hellgod said...

At least 4th of July seems to be an actual event jan sa US. Dito, June 12th yung independece day, pero it doesn't seem to matter kasi GMA moves the holiday to the nearest Monday/Friday hehe.

aajao said...

hmm.. sometimes i'm thinking if living during the times of Rizal & Bonifacio was better. err... patriotism-wise.

happy belated birthday to your dad. my dad will celebrate his on the 18th. wow. our dads are both Geminis. haha... who cares about zodiacs anyway? lol.