Monday, May 14, 2007

The Sound is the Word

About an hour ago, I exercised my right to suffer.

If you did vote, then you'd know that aside from voting for 12 senators, we also have to vote for one house representative, one mayor, a vice mayor, and a half dozen or so city/town councilors. I had no idea which councilors to vote for, mainly because I didn't really know who the candidates were. I never saw posters or any campaign material from any candidates other than those under the current mayor's electoral ticket. And I didn't really want to vote for them just because they're there... you know?

So I did the next best thing, which was to copy off someone else's votes. Except for one... I voted for one councilor because her occupation according to the Comelec List of Candidates was sewer/dressmaker.

Hey, in a field of Businessmen/Incumbent Councilors/Attorneys, that was pretty spiffy.

6 complaints:

rexy jolly said...

I only voted for five senators. That's it. Haha! :D

janny said...

tsek! sb nga ni mike, too many candidates too few choices!

sino kayang kinopyahan mo no?!

hellgod said...

yung katabi ko... di ko nakuha pangalan nya eh :p

aajao said...

hey, i just thought of it today (as in NGAYON LANG habang binabasa ko itong blog mo), sabi mo:
"About an hour ago, I exercised my right to suffer."

hmm.. di kaya ganun ang term sa pagboto (suffer, sufferage..) kase after ma-elect nung mga kandidato eh magsa-suffer ang taumbayan?


PS. naka-link ka na sa blog ko :)

Michelle said...

Grabe exag talaga ibang mga kandidato, di ko alam kung alam nila ang pinapasukan nila :p kaya mabagal umasenso ang pinas eh hehehe

And I have yet to vote, never pa ako nakaboto sa buong buhay ko, so far :p hehe

hellgod said...

Talaga Mich? so two elections na ang namiss mo (or three na ba?) hehehe

I just realized, the councilor i was talking about was a seamstress, not a sewer :]