Friday, May 18, 2007

Mind Over Mutter

It's all you really need sometimes.


So what happens if everybody has laid everything on the table? What next?



We're getting the puppy tomorrow... It's a girl so I can't name her Rafael Nadal. Suggestions?


I've finally changed my blog template. I was planning on using this other one, but apparently that other one doesn't work well with Firefox because the pictures are png and not jpg. Sayang, I really really liked that other template (Sayang, I was just too lazy to convert them to png format haha). Anyway, this isn't so bad, huh? It's still green.

Speaking of Firefox, if you do use it, I have a nice little add-on to suggest: Cooliris. It's a pretty nice add-on that allows you to view the contents of a link on a page without leaving the actual page you're currently on. It's nice, and they don't pay me for advertising their product, so trust me and go get it.

5 complaints:

lateralus said...

wow. changing image formats would've have really taken a lot of your precious time, eh? Mga 1-2 minutes?

hellgod said...

Yeah, just about.

Eh bakit ba? Wala nang pakialamanan... :))

Michelle said...

What's next? Wondering the same thing...

mhia said...

i thought u were gonna name it dustin or kandice :P

o when, when will a team im rooting for in TAR actually win! arghhh kainis :P

hellgod said...

Mhia: Talo sila eh... hehehe... onga, the TAR team I root for never wins. Once pa lang yata nangyayari yun (Season 3, with Zach and Flo, and that's more of Zach in spite of Flo)

Anyway, we named the puppy Laila/Leila, after Muhammad Ali's daughter, since my parents used to have a dog (way before I was born) named Ali :p