Saturday, September 24, 2005

Week One in the Rat Race

This was a pretty good week.

Hell yes it was...

Last Monday marked my first day on my first job. I arrived at the office (at the tenth floor of our building) a few minutes before 9, but I didn't get to meet my officemates until about an hour later (thanks to
Mhia for getting me out of that frikkin cold conference room hehe. No, I didn't get trapped or anything like that...)

After that I was sent to the 34th floor so I could join my fellow trainees for some SQL training. The training lasted for four days, for about 8 hours a day and was basically a crash course of what we were taught in the DBAPDEV days of college plus some new tricks too. We had free snacks in the mornings and the afternoons so that really kept me well-fed and happy, which is never not good in my book.

Anywayz, since the training didn't finish until Thursday, it was only on Friday that I spent significant time at the 10th floor, which basically explains why most of my conversations with my officemates turned out like this:

Officemate: Ikaw yung new hire? Kelan ka nagstart?
Me: Yep, first day ko nung Monday
Officemate: Talaga? Eh bakit ngayon lang kita nakita?
Me: Nagtraining kasi ako from Monday to Thursday eh, kaya ngayon lang talaga ako napunta dito hehe...

So it was only on my fifth day of work that I actually met my officemates (and I don't think I've actually met all my teammates yet) and from what I was told, I'm gonna have the duty manager role (the same role Mhia has, or used to have as she said on her blog) and training for that won't be until October so I'll have the whole of next week doing, uhm... nothing in particular really. Hmmm... Maybe I should practice my "suck up to the boss" routine next week then. When I tell people that I probably won't be doing anything next week, they basically tell me (and I paraphrase): "Enjoy it while it lasts..."

In that case, I'm gonna stretch every damn second.

We ate lunch at PBComm Tower's food court, and I think they have better food outlets there than our own building's food court.

Highlight of the day however was definitely the dinner/s15 reunion with my college friends (s15 was our original block) at Teriyaki Boy and although not everybody was there since the dinner was just short notice, it was still hell fun ("Less sense, more fun" is one of our guiding principles. Haha)

Next Wednesday should be equally interesting since most of us will meet up again for grad practice, college recognition, and the baccalaureate mass, and on Saturday night some of us will meet up again in Dandan's house in Katipunan for some after-grad celebration (Our grad will be in Saturday afternoon.) So if your a friend of ours and you are reading this, consider this an invitation to come, just contact Dandan for detaile hehe (You wouldn't want to miss Dandan and Eliza's karaoke showdown would you?)

PS: Someone told me a very amusing story last Thursday. One of the most amusing ones I've heard all year, actually. It might be disturbing to some, but I gotta admit, there's humor in it you won't find in everyday-average jokes.

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yung "Someone" said...

there's humor in it you won't find in everyday-average jokes

yeah, it was funny, fortunately, or unfortunately