Monday, October 3, 2005

P7.50 Na Ang Minimum Pamasahe Ko, Officially

Last Wednesday we had our grad practice at school, and it was really great to see many of my friends and batchmates again after some time. It was nice to go back to La Salle again (last time I was there was for our MOTA defense, where things weren't exactly memorable for the right reasons. Heh)

Anywayz, alot of people probably saw the DLSU-FEU game, and even if you didn't see it, I'm sure you probably heard of the thing that happened shortly after the buzzer went off. Well, all I can say there is that ASSistant team manager got what he deserved for that stupid thing he did. I don't want to come across as someone who claims to stand on higher ground, but seriously, what he did was shameful and dragged the whole La Sallian community down on the dirt, making us look like we are a group of people who lacked integrity and respect for others. I don't know if I'm a good judge of character, but hell, that's my opinion on the matter.

Enough bout that shit. I wanna talk bout Saturday now.

Last Saturday was my College Graduation day. I can't really say I was all that excited since I had to wake up early to get to PICC (Philippine International Convention Center) by 7:30 a.m. but still, it's a nice, formal way to say goodbye to the great, good and bad times in La Salle so it really meant something to me.

Here are some pics (courtesy of Gelsen):

After the ceremony, My friends (Del, Joan, Gelsen and his gf) and I had lunch together at Italianni's because my mom gave me an Italianni's gift certificate. After that, we went our separate ways. Gelsen and his gf Rina went to a bazaar, I went to meet up with my family (for another eating session haha) while Del and Joan went to the movies... (hmmm, ano kaya pinanood nila? hehehe) Anywayz, as I said, later in the day I met up with my family and some of our close family friends and we had dinner at Gerry's Grill. Ang sarap ng Crispy Pata! sheeet... I know it's bad for the health but what the hey... Masarap eh!

I'll try to upload some pics here (I don't have my own camera so I'm counting on my camera-owning friends to send some pics over to me so I can post them here... Damn)

So now, I'm officially a graduate, and I've been employed for a little over two weeks already (wahooooo lapit na payday! payday na! wooohoooo)

List of things I want to buy on my first paycheck:
  1. The rest of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series that I still don't have, and Neil's new book Anansi Boys.
  2. CD's!!! (hindi blank cd's ha, yung may lamang kanta naman)
  3. Digicam!
  4. Music Player!!! (Ipod Nano? Zen Vision M? something else?)
  5. TV for my room!
  6. The Amazing Race Season 1 DVD!!!
  7. A new tennis racket! (Kahit hindi na ko nakakapag-tennis lately haha)
  8. A new jacket!
  9. Sapatos for office. The one I'm using right now is the same one I had since I started college hehe, kawawa na...
  10. Flash disk!

Holy sheeeet... Mabubutas yata bulsa ko sa wishlist na yan ah... I should probably rethink it hehe (or, anyone of you, baka naman gusto nyong magdonate sa Alvin's Wishlist Fund? Anyone?)

9 complaints:

mhia said...

wow dami pera ah :P

hellgod said...

haha, feeling ko nga wala akong mabibili kahit isa jan eh haha...

monsterboy said...

Wow!! Oks pala mag work kung san ka nag wowork! =) Madami kang mabibili sa first paycheck mo....

Music player? Get the Ericsson W800i na nga lang e.

BTW, Norman is back in Manila. You might want to have a mini-reunion now that you're part of the Makati crowd.

hellgod said...

Haha, hindi nga yan kasya sa first paycheck ko eh, kaya nga nagset-up ako ng Alvin's Wishlist Fund haha... Baka gusto mong magdonate?

San ba galing si Norman? palibre tayo!

monsterboy said...

Norman went to Vietnam for work I think. Sige, I'll make arrangements for a meetup. Tell Vermon.

a p a n y said...

congrats alvin!!! :D

Mela said...

I suggest go for the shoes first! You'll be reminded of your "new" purchase almost 24/7 when you wear your shoes to work. Unlike the tennis racket, "newness value" of which you will only experience when you play tennis, or the DVD which you can't play 24/7...

...but on the other hand, if you get shoes, they're so common and practical that you might not be able to eke much "excitement value" out of them.

My logic is confusing me, I think I'll stop, haha.


hellgod said...

Good point Mela :D

Yun nga lang, tamad ako magshopping eh hehehe... Kaya most probably, isa or dalawa lang jan sa list ang mabibili ko hehehe. By process of elimination (which I won't explain anymore), ang bibilhin ko na lang siguro will be either a book (which is a long list on its own) or the shoes (kawawa na talaga yung black shoes ko, halos limang taon ng nagtitiis sa paa ko yun hahaha...)

I'm starting to talk aimlessly again...

Anywayz, I was supposed to mention this on my post above but just forgot to, so eto habol ko na lng:

Great grad speech Mela! (Muntik na ko maiyak hehehe)

jweng said...

congrats congrats...

hahaha! i can relate to the "wishlist remaining to be just a wishlist" frustration. ang pinilit ko pa nga lang pagbigyan sa list ko ay flash disk dahil super feeling deprived ako sa flash disk during the [freaking]thesis times.