Thursday, September 1, 2005

trying hard not to sound desperate here

I had my final interview with Navitaire's director for product development yesterday. She basically grilled me about my intentions of joining their company, considering that I'm also interested with joining another company. Of course I couldn't really say that the other company was ranked higher on my list since that would definitely affect their evaluation of my application (d'oh) (I haven't even recieved a job offer from the other company yet.) I had a hard time convincing her that I was really interested in joining Navitaire, and I wasn't even sure she was convinced... so in the end I just decided to tell her that I was as interested with Navitaire as I was with the other company, and I'll choose who/whichever company gives me a better job offer(that is, if I actually get a job offer from both companies).

Speaking of the other company, I just got another call from them asking me to come to their office on Monday, 11:30 am (hey, lunch time yan ah... Anyone want to treat me to lunch after??? No? No one? Anyone? No? that's okay...) for another interview, which was strange since I got a call from them last week saying that my interview last monday was my final interview... So I guess this is my final final interview? Whatever it is, I (trying hard not to sound desperate here) really hope it gets me closer to a job there.


Day two of the US Open saw 2003 champion and No. 4 Andy Roddick(USA) get upset by No. 68 Gilles Muller(LUX) to the score of 7-6(7-4), 7-6(10-8), 7-6(7-1). Roddick was one of the favorites to challenge No. 1 Roger Federer(SUI) for the title, but was beaten by the 22 year-old Muller, who was making his US Open debut and is the first man from Luxembourg to play at the tournament. Muller is no stranger to creating upsets, he had a big win over Andre Agassi(USA) last year and was also responsible for defeating No. 2 and French Open champ Rafael Nadal(ESP) at the second round of this year's Wimbledon (on his debut as well). Incidentally, Roddick was celebrating his 23rd birthday on the day he lost.


Navitaire just called me up some odd seconds ago, I'll be there to discuss their job offer tomorrow. Nice.

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monsterboy said...

Ako taga makati. Hehehe. YM ka lang.

monsterboy said...
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mhia said...

oooh naka-ilang interview ka na b? panel interview ka b dati

hellgod said...

two interviews, yung unang interview dalawa sila (ms ella and mr alvin). sa second interview, si mr vic milan lang. di ko lang sure kung sino mag-iinterview sakin this monday.