Sunday, September 4, 2005

Do I see a pattern here?

Last Friday, I went to Navitaire's office in PhilamLife tower in Paseo de Roxas to discuss their job offer. Basically, the offer is pretty good... Associate Software Engineer, 6 months probationary status, good salary, good benefits... The only thing that bothered me was that I had to sign a 2-year bond with the company, and should I choose to leave them before two year's time, I would have to pay the company a somewhat sizeable amount of money, depending on the trainings I get from them.

I don't know bout you, but the thought of being tied down to the company for two years just makes me feel uncomfortable. My brother (who is also in the IT industry) has commented that two years isn't really that long, and his wife (who works at the HR department of another IT company) suggested that the job offer was actually a good one.

Hmmmm... but committing to a company that I'm not actually sure about, for two whole years. Let's just say it's enough to make me feel uneasy.

Do I see a pattern here?


By the way, I also talked about my other job prospects with my brother, and he commented that he knew some friends who work there that weren't doing anything significant at all in their jobs, and he thinks that it might not be too good for me to join that company because I might happen to get the same kind of job. Makes me think twice.

And to everyone else, I'd like to hear your comments (okay, okay.... advice) about the Navitaire offer, especially since they gave me only until Monday (tomorrow, kids) to give them my decision.

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mhia said...

hmmm.. actually ako, feel ko wala din nman ako sa lugar mgbigay ng advice.. dahil isa pa akong confused

dun sa role ko sa work ngyn.. parang.. minsan dko mapigilan isipin na, nag-ST ako para dito? kc.. ndi nman sya programming, that kind of work.. kaya cant help but feel na sayang nman na nag-ST pako kung d ko rin nman magagamit. pero not that gs2 ko nman magprogram for d rest of my life.. yung kahit papano cguro magamit ko nman yung napag-aralan ko dba.. and ma-apply ko ang aking st skills hehe

pero tingin ko din nman.. all is not lost, kc if i decide na yng type of work k ngyn isnt really for me, i can talk to my manager (vic) nman dba para maayos namin kung saang path ko b tlga gsto

so un lng.. sharing lng hehe

jweng said...

once i catch you on ym, i'll give you my, comments...hehe.

monday, huh? well, companies are like that. in navitaire's letter to me, it says "consider this invitation urgent". who's to say if they're really in a hurry. fine tactic to pressure you not to wait for, consider, and compare other offers against theirs.

321Fire said...

Re: job offer with contract signing. Don't take it man. That's a big shit. Madami pang kumpanya na mas OK. You'll get the same training, you'll be sent abroad too pero walang kapalit na contract for 2 years. I've been to a lot of companies. I've some shitty ones and I'm soo lucky that I landed in Kraft. Your friend Droz is one lucky man too. hehehe. Hey Droz if you're reading this, "it must be the sangria..."

hellgod said...

hey mhia, joanne and 321fire, thanks for all the advice. I'll definitely consider all you said here (si ysang din pala over ym hehe.) my mind is alot clearer now...


a p a n y said...
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a p a n y said...

Alvin! di mo sinend resume mo... :(
if you want a software development career path, my company is a good choice. the TRAINING is really good. it is a very good stepping stone into getting into the good companies in the future. 2 year bond rin, pero di lang IT training, Nihongo pa. tapos Jitse pa. samin ka na. hahahaha. pwera biro, maganda yung TRAINING ng company ko. hahaha! sobrang na stress ko yata na TRAINING lang ang maganda. hindi naman. its just that i dont wanna stay here for more than a couple of years kasi mas marketable na ko after the bond.
send mo na resume mo sakin o kay pibs baka umabot ka pa para sa next training batch ;)