Saturday, March 12, 2005

Random Spitting

my blog is starting to become a once-a-week affair, so I'm gonna post something to stop that cycle but since I'm too lazy to write something coherent, detailed or rational, here is a series of unfortunate thinking (tm Snickett):

  1. Why do pinoy politicians think that they are here to entertain the general public? I'm talking to you Jamby Madrigal. Stop getting your face on music channels. You don't belong there. SENATORS don't belong there. Do your fucking job. IN THE SENATE.
  2. The latest (7th) installment of The Amazing Race is having a great start. Looks like its gonna be better than the last season (which is not really hard to top)
  3. If you tell a girl that she runs like a boy, should it be considered an insult the same way that telling a boy he runs like a girl is (an insult)?
  4. Why do I have to do so many senseless things just to get a college diploma?
  5. People are not naturally evil or stupid, or evil and stupid. They choose to be that way.
  6. People do not choose to be good or intelligent, or good and intelligent. They just are.
  7. People who are in between? Will have to climb the tallest mountains to be recognized for their slighter levels of goodness/intelligence/stupidity/evilness.
  8. I am perfectly aware that I could be totally wrong about reading people's behaviors.
  9. So don't comment on this post telling me that I am wrong.
  10. The promise of money shouldn't have been a factor in choosing which degree I would take.
  11. If you have the opportunity, include your name and signature on the Haribon Signature Campaign. I don't care if you don't care about our environment. JUST SIGN THE DAMN THING. Click here -> There's your opportunity right there.
  12. There are many things I wish I didn't regret, but do. There are some things I wish I regretted. But I don't.
  13. Regrets are for losers. Being a loser is not necessarily bad. Losers make winners look better than what they actually are.
  14. I wonder what fuels atheists to continue not believeing in God, or on a higher being in general.
  15. I wonder what fuels bus drivers to keep on tuning in to 90.7 Love Radio.
  16. Beware: Madame Auring is rumored to have her very own sex video circulating. According to a reliable source(Madame Auring herself), it's being inserted between scenes of the latest movies currently showing around the metro. Don't worry, I hear there's a money-back guarantee.
  17. I'm currently addicted to Imago's Taning and Akap. Both coming from their independent release, Take Two.
  18. Doesn't it just suck when your looking at a certain direction, and after a few minutes of staring, you realize: You're walking on a one way street. And no one is even walking with you.
  19. I recommend you listen to Lauryn Hill's Ex-factor. And make sure you have the lyrics so you could sing along.
  20. I don't want to go to Boracay if all I'm gonna see there are people who think they are in Greenbelt on a Friday night.

2 complaints:

jweng said...

Numbers 5, 6, 7, 13, 18, and 20: AMEN

hastang said...

you've got good taste in music :)..