Thursday, March 17, 2005

An Aimed Spitting

Disclaimer: I do not promise to be fair or unbiased in my opinion. I do promise that what I will say here is a slightly uncensored, completely honest, immediate reaction to what I have just read in the papers this morning.

Beware: The Catholic Church holds great power. And they are not afraid to (ab)use it.

I'm fucking annoyed and sickened with how the Philippines Catholic Church is quasi-excommunicating health workers who support population-control-via-modern-means programs. A Catholic bishop in Misamis Oriental recently barred people who openly support the Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act and the Ligtas-Buntis program of the Department of Health from taking the Holy Communion. Sure, the Church exists as our moral guardian, but if our moral guardian is an organization who has a one-track, narrow-minded view on these kinds of issues, then were in big trouble... Let's all just say goodbye to that prized spot in heaven now, shall we?

To insist on the natural methods of birth control is practically tantamount to the insistence to a population boom. That's because the natural method of birth control cannot be effectively implemented at all. Married people get horny and they fuck. And they won't wait it out. They'll fuck whenever they feel the urge to fuck because they're husband and wife and no one's gonna cast a stone on them for doing so. (The declaration "You may now kiss the bride" is just a euphemism.)

*cartoon sound of something flying*
Did you hear that? That's the sound of the natural method flying out the window.

And promiscuous single people who do not use condoms (if you think they are just isolated cases then go to the nearest junk shop and donate your rusty brain there), well, they'll fuck and go to hell, yes. But not before giving birth to AT LEAST one child. It's human nature to be hedonistic once in a while, to satisfy their cravings. How do we stop it? That's the hard question. But we can sure stop its consequence.

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention one other thing. Even priests fuck.

Some people might argue that it is unholy, un-Christianly to promote modern methods of family planning and birth-control. But isn't it just as unholy to allow people to bring life into this world when all they could offer is a life of misery? Is it christianly to bring life to a child who will grow up to have nothing to eat? If someone could convince me that natural methods of birth control is more effective than the modern methods (I mean condoms and contraceptives) in stopping the uncontrollable population boom (especially in the low income class), then I would willingly jump ship. But I really don't see that coming.

On another related news article, an economist by the name Bernardo Villegas, a member of the influential Catholic group Opus Dei, said that there is no basis of overpopulation in the country. A country of more than 80 million people with a land area of about 300,000 square kilometers, with more than half of its population living below the poverty line, with the unemployment rate continually rising (it's now at 11.8%), with pollution becoming unbearable because of urbanization, and he can still say that claims of overpopulation is unfounded? I know some people who came from Opus Dei schools and they are not anywhere near as dumb as this, so what gives?

I'm not condemning people who put their complete faith and belief on the effectiveness of natural methods of birth control. But please, don't condemn the rest of us who do not take your side.

I'll say this as an ending note: Before I totally dump the Catholic faith behind, I beg someone to PLEASE enlighten me on why the Philippine Catholic Church is subscribing this brand of stupidity.

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benj said...

dude, i don't want to sound harsh, but i'll say it in the most benign and inoffensive way of putting it. Religion proliferates through a culture of submission, assumption and ignorance. That's what faith is all about - an eternally springing practice of dismissing independent thought, bowing to the words of doctrines and obeying orders of the clergy without question. Don't be surprised if the church tries to enforce measures to ensure minimal disent in their ranks.

What we need in society now are more options for people to make better informed choices in the long run. The church doesn't want that to happen. They just want people to stay hardline and just keep on going on an irresponsible and non-responsive stance to the problems of the status quo.

While it is possible for Natural Family Planning methods to be more effective, safe and affordable, it's relative throwback is its dependence on the mettle of the people involved. with artificial methods, we have more options - ergo, more chances for people to actually figure out what is right for them.

The issue on hedonism (ouch ouch ouch. hehe) is a totally different issue from Family Planning. Family Planning obviously only exists in the context of a married couple - extra-marital affairs of extra-promiscuous individuals are out of the question.

I'm glad that you're also questioning it right now as well. Why does the church assert blanket authority on issues and individuals where their influence is obviously a non-factor. It all boils down to ignorance. Imho, the belief in a god, membership in the chruch, the wishful thinking for an afterlife etc are but mere delusions of people who want to escape the rigors of daily life. They can fool themselves forever, and even if there is no way for me to prove them wrong, at least I know that I believe on what is right - the intelligent choice.

on a last note, the term 'unbiased opinion' rings like an oxymoron, right? Opinions are meant to be biased. :)

take care, dude.

hellgod said...

Doc Benj: I agree with your opinions re: religion, although I'm no where near turning my back on it. I think I'm far too much of an idealist to not believe in God. Go figure... hehe

and about the 'unbiased opinion' comment, thanks for noting that. I guess I'm just still not too comfortable with sharing these kinds of opinions for others to read that's why I tend to be very defensive and careful in trying to be as uncomabitve as possible.

And lastly, before I get misunderstood, I just want to clarify to anyone who cares that all I mean on my post is that I'm questioning the Church's stand on this particular issue, nothing more, nothing less.

benj said...

ok. i'm just a hard-line atheist. Belief in a god is something that can't be forced. Due to my highly-critical and analytical nature, I simply can't believe in a god - even if I wanted to.

at the end of the day, the church seeks to preserve the status quo because any form of yielding will encourage liberalism - something that the church would love to quash within its ranks. :) that's the answer you're looking for.