Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Black Saturday, Easter Sunday, Burning Monday

Just a little recap of the weekend for this post...

As i said in the previous post, our whole family (up to the second degree, on my mom's side) holds an annual family reunion every Black Saturday. And since it was that time of the year again, we made the trip to our hometown of Gumaca, Quezon. We usually go their a day before the reunion and join the Good Friday procession around town, but for some reason we didn't do that this year. Instead, I had to wake up at 4-friggin-am (after going to bed at 2am that night.) Being the non-mid-morning person that I am, I took a liesurely, long, sweet time preparing myself for the trip (read: slacking inside the bathroom doing nothing because I was still too sleepy to take a bath, but didn't want my mom or dad to disturb me so I just locked myself in and pretended to be already taking a bath by turning on the faucet and splashing water every 30 seconds), so we actually left the house about an hour and a half later because they had to wait for me to finish up.

Time of Departure: 5:30 a.m.

Then, we met up with my sister-in-law's brother and his wife (who are also my dad's inaanak sa kanilang kasal) at the Shell station in SLEX because they were taggin along for the reunion. We also picked up my aunt, Tita Ima and my cousin Trilan (that's her childhood nickname, she's now called Joeza now that she's turning 18 soon) in Pagbilao. We made a pitstop at the zigzag road in Atimonan. It didn't cross my mind to take pictures, but anywayz, that place is really beautiful. It's actually part of the Quezon National Park.

After a short four-hour trip, we finally got to Gumaca where we stopped by my grandparent's (father's side this time) house/dry goods store. We didn't stay there for too long since we still had to make a 15-minute trip to where the reunion was happening. It's actually in a farm. You see, my grandparents' (mother's side) house is right smack in the middle of rice paddies(tubigan), and you have to cross the tubigan just to get to the house. I can tell you one thing: Every trip there is an adventure (most of the time, my sister falls on the muddy tubigan so on this trip, she just stayed on the other side because it was raining that time and chances were big that she was gonna fall again.)

Anywayz, as always the reunion was loads of fun. We're the only ones in the family who live in Manila (everyone else lives in Quezon except for one Aunt who lives in Laguna) so it is always nice to come back to my hometown and meet up with my cousins and my Aunts and Uncles and my Grandparents. My brother and his wife and her brother and his wife were going home that same day because they still had some things to do the next day, and since I also left a lot of work to be done at home, I decided to tag along with them.

Time of Arrival: 11:00 pm

Easter Sunday: Start of Day: 9:30 am. I was home alone (if you don't believe in ghosts), did the usual stuff, which is watch TV, surf the net, although I was also able to do some school stuff (a Flash presentation for my Biology class, my first ever attempt at doing Flash animation. I love Flash, I wish I could just do that instead of an Expert System.) End of Day: between 2:00 am and 4:00 am, as usual.

Burning Monday: Why burning? coz it was about 35 degrees C outside. Woke up late. Missed my Art Appreciation class. 20 minutes late for my Literature class, where we were having a long test about Smaller and Smaller Circles by FH Batacan (it's good read btw). Finished the test five minutes before the end of the period. Met up with Del and Charmaine (Diva Diaries) at the Gox lobby and gave them the Flash thing I did for Bio, then we went to the fourth floor of Gox to Maine's thesis room, and then Mark arrived and we started talking about his Boracay trip, where he saw the Ateneo basketball team and the Viva Hotbabes. Then more people arrived and they really started talking about Bora (specifically: our own Boracay trip this April). Then, it was time for my Biology class, which I didnt attend because I had to meet up with my mom and sis because they'll be paying for our Boracay trip (woohoo). I'll actually be in Boracay for 6 days (another woohoo). The first few days, I'll be with my sister, my cousin and his gf. The last few days I'll be with my La Salle friends. This early, Maine has already dared me to down 15 shots of tequilla and of course since I'm not one who likes to turn away from potentially embarrassing situations, I accepted her dare.

However, on hindsight, i think I should pull out of that dare. As much as I have the reputation of being an alcohol-whore, uhmm 15 shots of tequilla? I don't even like tequilla. I'm more into the sweet and fruity kind of drinks. Maybe if they offer me money, I'll do it (*hint* *hint*).

3 complaints:

peejay said...

dude, easy on the tequila! i'm not doubting your alcohol-consumption skills, but i doubt you can ingest more than 6 or 7 shots of good 'ol cuervo. but if you insist, why stop at tequila? you should try out the "still standing..." dare at cocomangas. 15 shots of various drinks and you get them for free, plus a t-shirt and the honor of having your name engraved on the wall. hehe. have fun!


hellgod said...

oh yeah, that's the exact dare i'm talking about... it's not 15 shots of tequilla pala, my bad...

maybe i'll try it on my last night there hehe...

the stoic kid said...

i was actually told that that specific monday was the hottest day recorded in the country this year. took three showers that day.. haha