Tuesday, March 22, 2005

headaches and brain cramps

My head was aching last night so I wasn't able to accomplish anything significant. Good thing there's no more headache today, I can finally attempt to be productive again.

Right now, I'm not. Just burning time in between my classes (I only have two classes on Tuesdays. The first one ends at 11:00 am, or even as early as 10 sometimes, while the second one starts at 4:20 pm. The five hour+ break usually inspires me... to just go home and not attend the second class.)

But since I'm in front of the pc anyways, I thought I'd write something here. Except I don't think I have anything to say. I think that last post took a lot of sense out of me. (Note to self: I should stop talking about religion, politics, or social ills on my blog. It puts me at risk of suffering from brain cramps. Revert to talking about cartoon shows instead.)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usJust remembered: Just have to (want to) congratulate all my friends who have finished their thesis and are gonna be graduating in a few months. GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Don't forget to treat me to dinner when you get your first paychecks, ok?

And to the rest of us who aren't graduating (yet), we'll get there so hold your heads up and don't feel like shit.

What else... oooh, tennis results: Roger Federer(SUI) just won his 4th title of the season in Indian Wells, Calif. when he beat the crap out of Hewitt's(AUS) ass (haha) in straight sets. This is his seventh straight win over Hewitt. You know that the man is at the top of his game when the No. 2 player in the world can't even manage to come close to getting a match point against him...

Kim Clijsters(BEL) won the women's title by beating current number 1 Lindsay Davenport(USA) in the final. Nice win for Kim, who's making a come back from a long injury layoff. The most interesting match however was the Davenport-Sharapova(RUS) semis match where Lindsay whooped (and when I say whooped, I mean she really whooped) some Maria ass 6-0, 6-0... I was really surprised with that result, I was expecting Maria to win that match in a close three-setter, but for her to lose the match without even winning a single game, that's just crazy...

I think it's just about time for Maria to get a little rest and relaxation (she should try going to Boracay between April 14 and April 19. Just a thought...)
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This week, we're gonna see some action from Key Biscayne, Florida where all the top players will be playing at the Nasdaq100 Open, which is considered by many as the biggest tournament after the four Grand Slams (which makes it the fifth biggest tournament in all... Got that? Heh). Justine Henin(BEL) is gonna be making her own comeback on this tournament after spending most of last year down with a mystery virus. So this tournament will have The Williams Sisters vs. The Russians vs. The Belgians (but I'm really hoping for a Daniela Hantuchova win here.) The Federer Express will most probably win on the men's side. If not, I hope it's Marat Safin or Tommy Haas...

I'm not as brain cramped as I thought I was... I guess that's good.

By the way, it's Holy Tuesday today. The Climax of Lent is coming up... We'll be going to the provinces for our annual family reunion that we usually hold every Black Saturday. Don't ask me why.

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