Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Robbers, Bibles, Rainbows, Machines, Nightmare

So I'm not quite done yet with my year-end lists.

The previous two years, I listed the 20 most played songs from my it's-not-an-iPod-it's-a Creative Zen Vision M, but I'm not gonna do that now (since I wasn't able to reset the songs' play count at the start of '09.) So I'm just gonna list my 10 most listened-to albums (based on, which probably isn't very accurate either, because my widget doesn't usually work when I'm in the office, and I had some issues with using the widget on Windows Media Player, but enough side comments.) Here they are:

1. Cold War Kids – Robbers & Cowards
2. Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
3. Radiohead – In Rainbows
4. Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine
5. Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare
6. Duffy – Rockferry
7. Up dharma Down – Fragmented
8. The Perishers – Let There Be Morning
9. Kings of Leon – Only by the Night
10. Amanda Palmer – Who Killed Amanda Palmer

So none of these albums were actually released in 2009, but whatever, I'm wired to be late in many, many ways.

I think CWK's Robbers & Cowards probably made it to #1 on the strength of this brilliant, brilliant song (not to say that the rest of the album isn't great, because it is.) Neon Bible and In Rainbows are two of my favorite albums of the decade. I mean, those CD's are outstanding work, and in the case of In Rainbows, literally priceless.

If Robbers & Cowards was on repeat because of one song, then Extraordinary Machines was probably on repeat solely because of the lines "I was feeding on the need for you to know me, devastated at the rate you fell below me." (you get bonus points from me if you know what song that came from) (without googling it up) (bonus points are irredeemable, btw.)

So that's my music list for 2009. I'd love to see yours :-) (no really, I do. I'm not just being polite.)

6 complaints:

monsterboy said...

I still don't get Neon Bible. I've tried coutnless times to enjoy it, or at least understand it, but no. Not for me really.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Really? hehe... The style isn't that far off from the bands you have on your list, i think.

geebee said...

it's-not-an-iPod-it's-a Creative Zen

>> Go Zen! =)

I'm wired to be late in many, many ways.

>> Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...


monsterboy said...

anneong haseyo! hahaha

re: Arcade Fire
Yun na nga e, it's not far off from what I listen to (and so I heard), but I still don't get it...oh well. I give up, too much music, so little time.

The Preacher said...

nice list there.:)

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