Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Of '09... Part 2

Best Weirdly Awesome/Awesomely Weird TV Character:

In second place:

Best Dessert Place of The Year:

In second place:

Best Fish Dish I Tasted For The First time This Year:

In second place:

Best Sandwich for Lunch In the Office:
Subway's Italian B.M.T. in Parmesan Oregano Bread with Honey Mustard and Sweet Onion dressing

In second place:

Most "I don't get it..." Music Trend of 2009:
Justin Bibier being popular (I mean come on, his voice is exactly a quarter of an octave lower than Alvin and the Chipmunks')

In second place:
K-Pop girl bands.

Most Annoying Showbiz Issues of 2009:
Hayden Kho sex tapes. (Seriously, a senate hearing? So you just couldn't find anywhere else to waste our tax money on, Bong Revilla?)

In second place:
Manny Pacquiao's alleged extra-marital affair with Krista Ranillo. (At least he didn't try to beat Tiger Woods' list of hoes.)

Best Starbucks Pastry That I Eat With My Cafe Mocha:
Banoffee Pie

In second place:
Cinnamon Swirl

2009 Pinoy Hero:

In second place:

3 complaints:

monsterboy said...

aha! no wonder i see you at subway.

on justin b: sqeuak squeak. i must say that it's pretty catchy. but professing eternal love at 14? yaiks!

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Ok, I guess I'll just think of him as an honorary member of the Taylor Swift Overachievers Club. :))

Michelle said...

Wag mo pabasa kay George mag-aamok sa K-Pop girl bands! hahaha