Sunday, December 20, 2009

And The Weekend Brought Friday

A week late on the follow up post, but anyway:

So after the GO!EMEA Team Building/Pool Party at Pansol, next on the agenda was the company-wide Christmas Party on Thursday night, ok food, ok venue, but it pales hugely in comparison to the Christmas parties of previous years. Back then, it was an actual party, everyone got a door prize, and beer was overflowing; this year, there was neither.

There was the usual Jam and Groove performances though:
Groove@HP performance

The next day, we had our group/tower/bundle's offsite team building. Since we had the Christmas party the night before, and the bus to Subic was scheduled to leave Makati at 5am, that meant no sleep for me. I decided that I would just sleep on the bus, but the travel time from Manila to Subic wasn't that long... so I didn't get that much sleep. So I thought I'd just sleep while I was on the ferry, but the ferry ride didn't take too long either, so I though I would just stay at the assigned room and sleep till lunch time. Except the room wasn't available yet, check in time wasn't until 1PM. By this time I was pissed.

But since Christmas is coming, I'll just be generous and just say that I enjoyed riding the banana boat (side note: this guy didn't), playing tag on the swimming pool (and bullying our teammates who couldn't swim by tagging them and swimming to the deeper end), eating dinner in the open garden (food for lunch was CRAP!), watching our teammates/managers dance/rap/embarrass themselves for charity (I have incriminating videos), and drinking/walking around the island from room to room to look for drinking buddies.


3 complaints:

Michelle said...

Oo nga noh ngayon ko lang naalala wala palang door prizes or giveaways this year, for the first time sa HP "Christmas Party" :(

AMG Offsite -- bawi pag sumagot na feedback form (though di pa sila nagpasagot hmn...) :p

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Yep, last year at least may duffel bag hehe

George Rotsen said...

Lulz @ ME not enjoying the bananaboat... Hell yeah, I didn't enjoyed it!! That bastard ride gave me a twisted knee that hurts until now haha!!!

Embarassing performances FTW!!! Any offsite wouldn't be complete w/out that!!